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Comment by DarTar
2008-03-20 08:18:58
Yes, via the config file. You can either set "hide_comments" to 0 (which hides all comments) or change the default access settings for comments ("default_comment_acl") so that no one except admins (!*) or only registered users (+) can comment. Wikka 1.1.7 will introduce separate read and write ACL settings.
Comment by anonymous
2008-03-20 09:00:50
Awesome. I just managed to install it in under a minute. Now if only someone can guide me on how to migrate my PhpWiki to Wikka, I'd do it in a heartbeat.
Comment by DarTar
2008-03-20 09:35:27
I don't know of any script to automatically import content from PhpWiki to Wikka, but you can easily convert HTML to Wikka markup using HTML2Wiki: http://diberri.dyndns.org/wikipedia/html2wiki/

As you may have seen, Wikka allows you to embed HTML in wiki pages if you ""wrap it in double quotes"".
Comment by anonymous
2008-04-07 08:19:41
Hi all,
I've got a few suggestions that, IMHO, the team should implement :
- When cloning a page, give the possibility to clone the comments attached to it. For now, when I want to rename (clone) a page, I loose all the comments... This is a big big problem !
- The link to a page in the RSS feeds do not point to the real page adresse but a strange "show?time=.2008-04-07+05%3A29%3A22" URL (whitch leads to the same content as the real one !). It is not user friendly and it is very bad for search engines (duplicate content). If I put the last changes of my wiki on the sidebar of my blog thanks to a feed, Google will see 2 URLs -> bad.
- Implement a simple captcha system for registration ("What is the name of this Wiki" Answer : "WikkaWiki". Simple and efficient. Images are not very accessible.
- For comments, Akismet is working very well and is transparent for the user

What do you think ?
Comment by NilsLindenberg
2008-04-13 13:07:42
Hi, some replies to your suggestions:
- cloning comments: an option, yes. But we do need a rename-handler anyway I don't know if that covers all cases, though
- the strange address is used to differ between versions of a page. Usefull if the page was changed more then once. Imho it is the same for blogs, where posts can be on the first page but have a place in the permanent-structure, too, isn't it?
- In / trunk you have the option to add a register code to the login-form which does want you want to do
- definitely worth a plugin, yes.
Comment by BrianKoontz
2008-04-15 14:31:02
Actually, what anonymous is describing for a registration code would have to be implemented as an extension to the URInviteCode module (as the current module simply prompts for an invitation code). Easily done...it would be a good little project for someone!
Comment by anonymous
2008-04-16 04:22:36
Thanks for your reply (I'm the anonymous guy above)

A renamming handler would be great ! If you don't loose history and comments when you rename a page of course.

A good start for the CAPTCHA extension would be this page : http://www.punbb.fr/forums/viewtopic.php?pid=18554#p18554 It is the php code for a very accessible (and simple !) captcha used in Dotclear and PunBB. You could probably adapt it to Wikka ? This code could be used for the registration page but also for the comments section of a page. There would be a configuration option that let the administrator change the questions and answers.

About the "show?time=.2008-04-07+05%3A29%3A22" in the URL, I was not very clear the first time, sorry. I know it is to differentiate page revisions, and this is great for the feed of a page. But it is not necessary for the RSS feed of the whole wiki : the probleme is only for the main feed.

And a new suggestion. From a usability point of view, when someone adds a comment to a page, he doesn't see the previous comments, witch is very annoying ! The link to the form for adding a comment should also be after the comments, not before.
Comment by NilsLindenberg
2008-04-17 11:50:21
For downloading and testing: http://www.wikkawiki.org/URTextCaptchaModule
Comment by anonymous
2008-04-17 14:58:13
Oooh thank you !
The module works like a charm (tested on a fresh install of Wikka And the configuration is well integrated. Perfect !

PS : there is a small error on http://www.wikkawiki.org/URTextCaptchaModule : it says " 'UR_validation_modules' => 'URWordpressModule', " but it should be " 'UR_validation_modules' => 'URTextCaptchaModule', "

Thanks again for this great new module :)
Comment by NilsLindenberg
2008-04-17 15:09:21
That's from another module I had started but a more difficult one, thank you for the notice.
Comment by DarTar
2008-04-20 13:21:02
Shall we add this to trunk once the AS framework is ported?
Comment by anonymous
2008-09-14 12:04:02
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