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User Administration

This feature is available since:

WikkaWiki introduces a new system page, AdminUsers (located in the CategoryAdmin) , accessible by system administrators to facilitate various user management tasks. This code has been extensively beta-tested in previous versions, and has been enhanced for to include user deletions and session management. You can add this module to every wikipage using {{adminusers}}.


User Account Deletion and Session Management

Users may be inactivated either individually or in bulk (such as might occur with a scripted registration attack) by using the Delete functionality. User accounts are not actually deleted (useful for later reactivation or for post-forensic analysis), but are rather marked in the database as deleted. As such, these users will not be recognized by the system, and additional attempts to re-register the same user will fail.

These are the steps that are taken by the system when a user is inactivated/deleted:

  1. The user's password is changed to a value that can never be matched by any password.
  2. The user's account is flagged as "deleted".
  3. The user's most recent session is immediately closed. This ensures that a user cannot continue to access the system via an existing session cookie.

Future Enhancements

The current User Administration module is a work in progress. While operational, several features remain to be implemented. Suggestions for improvement are always welcome.

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