Using HTML in Wikka pages

WikkaWiki supports (X)HTML on top wiki markup. There are two ways to use HTML markup into your Wikka pages:
  1. convert HTML to Wikka markup using a utility such as this Perl script: HTML-WikiConverter-WikkaWiki (an online version is available here, make sure to select WikkaWiki as a wiki dialect); or
  1. insert HTML directly into Wikka pages.

The second option allows you to directly copy and paste HTML from an existing webpage into the wiki. You can see an example of this on the LanguageCodes page.

To insert HTML in Wikka, you have to wrap it in ""double double-quotes"".

""y = x<sup>n+1</sup>""
y = xn+1


By default, some HTML tags are removed by the SafeHTML parser to protect against potentially dangerous code. The list of tags that are removed can be found on the SafeHTML page.

It is possible to allow all HTML tags to be used, but this is a big security risk. Use with caution.
To allow all HTML tags, edit the wikka.config.php file and change the double_doublequote_html value to "raw".
Possible values of double_doublequote_html:

If the value is set to "disabled", HTML characters are converted to HTML entities. You can check the PHP Manual page for htmlspecialchars for more info.

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