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Recently made comments - a more complete overview than RecentlyCommented which lists only pages with the last comment on them for each date.

Recent comments

Thu, 12 May 2016:
19:38 UTC WhatsNew136, comment by BrianKoontz
Yes, it is. I'm not sure what the problem with GitHub and last commits is...

Tue, 10 Nov 2015:
17:08 UTC WhatsNew136, comment by ChrisCase
Is this still being maintained in GitHub. I just checked GitHub and noticed that the last commit was December of 2013.

Tue, 30 Jul 2013:
16:52 UTC ACLInfo, comment by ChrisCase
Ok, It looks like, according to the comments in /handlers/files.xml/files.xml.php, only those with read access can downl…
16:16 UTC ACLInfo, comment by ChrisCase
Does the ACL also control any files attached to the page?

Mon, 06 Apr 2009:
10:38 UTC WikkaInstallation, comment by anonymous
¿¿¿Kan het ook in het nederlands???

Sun, 29 Mar 2009:
09:31 UTC IFrameAction, comment by VincentMayoux
As an administrator of a wiki, I would like to insert iframes (safe ones of course). But iframes are either activated or…

Mon, 09 Mar 2009:
03:29 UTC InvisibleWiki, comment by DarTar
fixed, thanks

Sun, 08 Mar 2009:
23:13 UTC InvisibleWiki, comment by BrianKoontz
DarTar, a couple of the links in your sidebar appear to either be dead or no longer pointing to a WikkaWiki site...

Sun, 01 Mar 2009:
09:37 UTC CommentPageInfo, comment by NilsLindenberg
For test comments, please use the demo-server: http://demo.wikkawiki.org/HomePage

Mon, 23 Feb 2009:
16:43 UTC InstallingPlugins, comment by BrianKoontz
Yes, if you're upgrading from an existing Wikka instance. Otherwise, a new install should set these up for you.
15:53 UTC InstallingPlugins, comment by anonymous
To use the new installation directories for your add-ons, you will have to add the corresponding paths in wikka.config.p…

Sun, 22 Feb 2009:
03:10 UTC WikiCategory, comment by anonymous
Some code examples here would be nice. The documentation is not really all that clear.

Tue, 17 Feb 2009:
07:36 UTC SyntaxHighlighter, comment by anonymous
How is it possible to use a double % inside of a codeblock?

Mon, 16 Feb 2009:
21:34 UTC WikkaReleaseNotes, comment by BrianKoontz
Best answer is to look at the milestones we've set up for future Wikka development: http://wush.net/trac/wikka/roadma…
16:32 UTC WikkaReleaseNotes, comment by anonymous
what's up with the redundant numbering scheme? 1.1.y.x Why not just: y.x

Sun, 15 Feb 2009:
22:04 UTC WikiName, comment by BrianKoontz
In definition, yes. However, the regexp that's used to parse CamelCase accepts a digit in place of the second uppercase…

Fri, 13 Feb 2009:
15:25 UTC WikiName, comment by anonymous
To be a valid wikiname, doesn't Ted22 need a second uppercase character?

Sat, 31 Jan 2009:
12:22 UTC AddingLinks, comment by anonymous
I want to change the double bracketed link behavior so that the link--[[This is a Link]] would became a wiki link This_i…

Fri, 30 Jan 2009:
03:18 UTC CreateNewPage, comment by DarTar
On this server, only registered users can create new pages. Who can read or write to a page depends on the privileges se…

Thu, 29 Jan 2009:
16:18 UTC CreateNewPage, comment by anonymous
I am unable to create the wikki page and getting an error of not being having write privilages..

Sun, 28 Dec 2008:
12:01 UTC FilesActionInfo, comment by BrianKoontz
That indeed does appear to be the case...will post a ticket so we can review this for 1.1.7. Thanks!

Sat, 27 Dec 2008:
01:09 UTC FilesActionInfo, comment by anonymous
The files TAG only functions if the page is finally saved, not during preview. (Fresh installation of

Fri, 12 Dec 2008:
15:23 UTC InterwikilistActionInfo, comment by BrianKoontz
I say, go for it! And while you're at it, open a ticket on the tracker so your new entry can be added to the release br…

Fri, 05 Dec 2008:
16:31 UTC VincentMayoux, comment by DarTar
You're doing an amazing work with the docs, thanks! I am myself not regularly on IRC but there should be someone of the …
12:46 UTC VincentMayoux, comment by VincentMayoux
Hi Dario, sorry I didn't see your comment before. Fallen in love with Wikka, doing my best to translate in French, good…
11:52 UTC InterwikilistActionInfo, comment by VincentMayoux
could 'http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/' be added to file interwiki.conf on this Wikka ?

Mon, 01 Dec 2008:
08:01 UTC VincentMayoux, comment by DarTar
Hi Vincent and welcome to the Wikka Docs. You may have noticed that the default page template was recently modified to r…

Sun, 23 Nov 2008:
19:03 UTC CategoryActionInfo, comment by anonymous
Because of category names are composed by words with capitalized first letters, should be enough to make a function that…
18:35 UTC CalendarActionInfo, comment by anonymous
Although this calendar shows fine, I think it is not much useful because everytime you change month, it reloads the whol…

Sat, 22 Nov 2008:
21:37 UTC LighttpdConfig, comment by anonymous
Seem to have some issues with theese rules, I missed the toolbar for the editor, fixed it with: url.rewrite-once = (…

Wed, 19 Nov 2008:
10:03 UTC ConfigurationOptions, comment by NilsLindenberg
Dear Herman, it might surprise you but the maintenance is based on page visits, with some added randomeness. Not really …

Mon, 17 Nov 2008:
20:14 UTC ConfigurationOptions, comment by anonymous
Dear Nils, thank you for your useful information on pages_purge_time housekeeping function. From the documentation to th…

Sun, 09 Nov 2008:
07:53 UTC WikkaInAction, comment by anonymous
Please use the demo server (http://demo.wikkawiki.org/HomePage) for testing.

Mon, 27 Oct 2008:
18:04 UTC SafeHTML, comment by NilsLindenberg
Hi Erik, yes, it is possible. You have to change <root>/3rdparty/core/safehtml/classes/safehtml.php. You have t…

Fri, 24 Oct 2008:
17:18 UTC SafeHTML, comment by anonymous
Is it possible to exempt a specific tag from the SafeHTML list? E.g., iframe? Where in the php files is the SafeHTML c…
17:14 UTC IFrameAction, comment by anonymous
I would use this feature on my site if it were possible to also specify frameborder=0 SCROLLING=no -- any thoughts? - Er…

Thu, 09 Oct 2008:
08:31 UTC CamelCase, comment by NilsLindenberg
Hi, Erik. Unfortunately, there is no such setting. But it is a good idea.

Mon, 06 Oct 2008:
21:37 UTC CamelCase, comment by anonymous
"Is there a configuration setting for CamelCase strings to NOT be automatically parsed as links in Wikka?" - E…

Fri, 19 Sep 2008:
01:15 UTC FlexibleWikka, comment by anonymous
Wat about it as a help menu 4 software

Sun, 14 Sep 2008:
12:04 UTC WikkaFeatures, comment by anonymous

Fri, 12 Sep 2008:
17:24 UTC HighscoresActionInfo, comment by anonymous
ok. looked for a bug, but didn't find one. sorry for the noise.
04:46 UTC HighscoresActionInfo, comment by DotMG
fixed in trunk. To be backported to

Thu, 11 Sep 2008:
20:19 UTC HighscoresActionInfo, comment by anonymous
Seems like the current code (as of today) is busted for the rank parameter. It looks like it was hardcoded to $pages at…

Tue, 26 Aug 2008:
02:59 UTC SpeedInfo, comment by anonymous
And really, really, really long pages still generally manage to work. For instance, my Wikka installation over at ttu.t…

Wed, 23 Jul 2008:
16:16 UTC WikkaTourEditingES, comment by anonymous
hola estoy probando esto!
09:54 UTC RssInfo, comment by DotMG
No, that should be your server that can't access the requested ressource. Versions and below use fopen() to get …
08:27 UTC RssInfo, comment by anonymous
I want to embed an RSS feed of Google News Search results, yet when I followed these instructions it wouldn't work. I th…

Tue, 22 Jul 2008:
11:40 UTC AddingLinks, comment by anonymous
How do I create a named anchor (i.e. in HTML: <a name="foo">) and then link to that anchor? E.g. in …

Wed, 02 Jul 2008:
16:34 UTC Installing1164, comment by DarTar
why not, go ahead
14:53 UTC Installing1164, comment by BrianKoontz
Like the archive tag...shall we also consider locking the write ACLs, since by definition an archive should be a "c…

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