Migrating from WakkaWiki to Wikka Wiki

Upgrading to Wikka from WakkaWiki is fully tested and working as of Wikka version

Upgrading from any of the following versions should work:


  1. Backup your WakkaWiki directory.
  1. Backup your WakkaWiki MySQL data.
  1. Delete all of the files in the WakkaWiki directory except wakka.config.php. This is the only file that you need.
  1. Read step 3 again -- do not delete the wakka.config.php file.
  1. Upload all the files from the latest Wikka release into the WakkaWiki directory. *
  1. Point a web browser at the URL for your WakkaWiki site and the Wikka upgrade script will run.

* Note: Make sure you upload the Wikka files into the correct directory. For example, if your Wakka directory is /public_html/wakka, upload the Wikka files and subdirectories into the /public_html/wakka directory. Do not upload the Wikka directory into the Wakka directory so that it looks like this: /public_html/wakka/wikka/. See the difference? In other words, when you select the files in your FTP client, browse into the Wikka release directory and select all files and folders, then upload.

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