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RSS Feeds

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RSS feeds have recently gained much popularity. Subscribing to a feed allows one to retrieve a list of what is changed on a page or site without having to visit the site.

Pages that make this possible often have a small button like "rss" or similar on their page(s). For example, Wikka's page revision feeds are available at the bottom of the page under the image icon.

Including RSS Feeds to wikka-pages

Wikka allows you to embed external RSS feeds within a page body. To include a RSS-feed, use the following action:

{{rss url="http://www.example.com" cachetime="30"}}

urlstringoptionalsee usage!the url of the feed to be included
cachetimeintegeroptional30Time (in minutes) for which the feed is cached. Can't be below 5 minutes. This is useful for pages which aren't changed very often, reducing the traffic produced.

The following parameters are configured in actions/rss.php and can be changed only by page-admins:

$max_items = 30; // set this to the maximum items the RSS action should ever display
$caching = true; // change this to false to disable caching
$rss_cache_path = "/tmp"; // set this to a writable directory to store the cache files in
$lowest_cache_time_allowed = "5"; // set this to the lowest caching time allowed

{{rss url="http://www.example.com" cachetime="30"}}

The following usage is deprecated and probably will not be supported in future versions. It is listed here for informational purpose only:
{{rss http://www.example.com}}


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