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Displaying the history of a page

There are two different ways of displaying the history of a page:

  1. A click on the link Page History on the bottom of a page. This shows all edits in chronological order with the last edit at the top. For every edit the date, time, editor and comment on the edit are shown. Additions and Deletions are marked in different ways. Below the changes, the current version of the page is shown.
  2. A click on the date and time stamp on the botton of a page. This shows a list of all changes to a page, also with date, time, editor and comment on the edit. Clicking on a date from this list shows the corresponding historic version of the page. With the checkboxes it is possible to show the differences between two versions. Ticking the "simple diff" box allows wikka to show only a list of additions and deletions, rather than a full (and rather neat) view showing changes in context.

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