Wikka Configuration Options (wikka.config.php)

The table below lists the configuration options available in the wikka.config.php file. The wikka.config.php file is generated by the installer when installing Wikka for the first time and when upgrading from previous versions. It is intended to be edited only by the web site admin only, because it contains sensitive password information and crucial configuration options for the operation of Wikka. You can use a FTP client to edit this file on your web server.

since 1.4.1

behind_reverse_proxy'0'Generates correct wikilinks if behind a reverse proxy by processing X-Forwarded-* headers. '1' to enable.

since 1.3

default_comment_read_acl'*'Sets the default permissions for reading comments.
default_comment_write_acl'+'Sets the default permissions for posting comments.
utf8_compat_search'0' '0' for legacy search (case-sensitive, wildcards, but incompatible with some character encodings [default]); '1' for UTF-8 compatible searches (non-case-sensitive, no wildcards).
default_locale todo

since 1.2

theme'light'Global theme selected by the wiki owner. It should match the name of an existing folder under templates/ or plugins/templates. As of 1.2 it defaults to light.
version_check_interval'1h'Minimum time interval between version checks. Possible interval units are h (hours), m (minutes), s (seconds), d (days), w (weeks), M (months), and y (years).
enable_user_host_lookup'1'Enables ('1') or disables ('0') lookup of user hostname from IP address. Disable this setting when reverse DNS lookups are slow or not available. Default is '1'.
safehtml_path'3rdparty/core/safehtml'Path to SafeHTML code module.
stylesheet_hash(random sequence)Internally generated during installation/upgrade to ensure stylesheets are reloaded when accessing the new site for the first time.


allow_user_registration'0'Setting this to "1" (default) allows user registrations. Setting this value to "0" disables all new user registrations (logins remain enabled).
default_comment_display'threaded'How comments are displayed to anonymous users or newly registered users. Options are 'threaded' (default, comments are nested), 'date_asc' (listing starts with oldest comment), and 'date_desc' (listing starts with newest comment). These are configurable on a per-user basis in the UserSettings page.
enable_version_check'1'Enables automatic check of Wikka updates for admins (default: 1 - strongly recommended). Set this value to "0" to disable version upgrade check.
public_sysinfo'0'Toggles public vs. admin-only (default) display of system information.
wikka_template_path'plugins/templates, templates'The path to the templates directory. It is relative to the root of your wikka directory.


mysql_host'localhost'The host your MySQL server is running on. Usually localhost i.e., the same machine your Wikka site is on. REQUIRED
mysql_user'wikka'Name of the MySQL user used to connect to your database. REQUIRED.
mysql_passwordPassword of the MySQL user used to connect to your database. REQUIRED.
table_prefix'wikka_'Prefix of all tables used by Wikka. This allows you to run multiple Wikka installations using the same MySQL database by configuring them to use different table prefixes. REQUIRED.
root_page'HomePage'Your Wikka site's home page. You can use a WikiName for CamelCase linking.
wakka_name'MyWikkaSite'The name of your Wikka site. It usually is a WikiName
rewrite_mode(autodetected)URL rewriting enabled = '1'. URL rewriting disabled = '0'. See ModRewrite for further information
wiki_suffix'@wikka'Used to distinguish different wikkas. If you want to have more then one wikka on the same server, you'll have to set a different suffix for all of them.
action_path'plugins/actions, actions'The path to the actions directory. It is relative to the root of your wikka directory. Additionally, path to the plugins/actions directory
handler_path'plugins/handlers,handlers'The path to the handlers directory. It is relative to the root of your wikka directory. Additionally, path to the plugins/handlers directory
gui_editor'1'When set to '1', users see a toolbar (WikkaEdit) when editing pages that allows them to apply some of the markup by clicking toolbar buttons. When set to '0', the toolbar is disabled.
wikka_formatter_path'plugins/formatters, formatters'location of Wikka formatter - REQUIRED Additionally, path to the plugins/formatters directory
wikka_highlighters_path'formatters'location of Wikka built-in code highlighters - REQUIRED
geshi_path'3rdparty/plugins/geshi'location of GeSHi package
geshi_language_path'3rdparty/plugins/geshi/geshi'location of GeSHi language highlighting files
referrers_purge_time'30'The number of days referring pages (pages that link to your wiki) are kept in the referral logs. Setting this option to '0' or leaving it empty disables the referrer log.
pages_purge_time'0' Setting <code>pages_purge_time</code> will remove old page revisions older than the specified setting. So if you set this to 7, page revisions older than 7 days will be deleted. The most recent pages will never be purged. If you have a huge wiki with thousands of pages that are all frequently updated you might want to turn this on, but most wikis will never need to adjust this setting.
xml_recent_changes'10'Number of recent change items that are sent when the RecentChanges feed is accessed.
hide_comments'0'If set to '1', Comments and the 'Add Comment' form will not be visible. If set to '0', users can see and add comments.
anony_delete_own_comments'1'If set to '1', anonymous users can delete their own comments, provided they do so from the host machine they used to create the comment. If '0', anonymous users cannot delete their own comments.
double_doublequote_html'safe'determines if HTML in wikkapages is passed through SafeHtml ('safe'), shown as it is ('raw') or passed through htmlspecialchars_en (anything else)
public_sysinfo'0'enable or disable public display of system information in SysInfo
sql_debugging'0'Set this to '1' to see all of the database queries that are made when a page is generated. The queries will appear at the bottom of the page.
admin_users(admin user created during installation)A list of users allowed to administer the wiki. Specify multiple wiki names separated by commas e.g: DarTar, NilsLindenberg, YanB
admin_email(admin email address setup during installation)Email address of the wiki administrator.
upload_path'uploads'The path to the directory file attachments will be stored in.
mime_types'mime_types.txt'not in use at the moment
geshi_header'div'div or 'pre' to wrap code block
geshi_line_numbers1disable line numbers (0), or enable normal (1) or fancy line numbers (2)
geshi_tab_width4set tab width (in spaces) in GeSHi
grabcode_button1enable (1) or disable (0) code block downloading.
wikiping_serverserver to report your recentchanges to. See WikiPing for details
default_write_acl'+'write-access to pages. See AclInfo for details. Changes here only affect newly created pages, not existing ones! Common values are '*' (everyone), '+' (registered users) 'UserName' (user with Username)
default_read_acl'*'Reading-access to pages. See default_write_acl
meta_keywordsThis is set during install. Controls the meta tag keywords included in the head of every Wikka page.
meta_descriptionThis is set during install. Controls the meta tag description included in the head of every Wikka page.
wakka_version'1.2'Wikka's version number. Do not change this value! Your installation would get out of sync with the official releases.


external_link_tail'∞'Appended to any external link as a visual indicator that the link points to a location outside the wiki
header_action'header'Specifies the name of the file that generates the header of wiki pages
footer_action'footer'Specifies the name of the file that generates the footer of every wiki page
stylesheet'wikka.css'Specifies the name of the stylesheet to use. Stylesheets are stored in the css directory. (Make sure your webserver has read access to the css directory and the *.css files.
navigation_linksSpecifies the navigation links that are output in the header and displayed to all users.
logged_in_navigation_linksSpecifies the navigation links that are output in the header and displayed to logged in users.
default_comment_acl'*'Sets the default rights for commenting pages. See default_write_acl
until 1.2
base_url(autodetected)Your Wikka site's base URL. Page names get appended to it, so it should include the '?wakka=' bit if URL rewriting doesn't work on your server. The Wikka installer tries to guess the proper value. Change this only if you know what you're doing, see ModRewrite for further information. If you wish to use HTTPS, you will have to adjust this parameter accordingly REQUIRED.
until 1.3.2

Comment by DarTar
2008-02-22 07:57:43
Should be reviewed, converted to table markup (adding links to relevant docs pages) and tagged with {{since}} labels whenever appropriate.
Comment by anonymous
2008-11-17 20:14:00
Dear Nils, thank you for your useful information on pages_purge_time housekeeping function. From the documentation to the configuration options, if I set this to 7, page revisions older than 7 days will be deleted. Can you tell me when the page deletion action will happen? At the time when I amend the page or the deletion is a periodically scheduled task? If it is a periodically scheduled task, can I specify the time schedule e.g. every 15 days of a month? Best regards, Herman
Comment by NilsLindenberg
2008-11-19 10:03:31
Dear Herman, it might surprise you but the maintenance is based on page visits, with some added randomeness. Not really the best method, since you can't set a day for the schedule and it has not the best performance, but it works. But since it is not a feature many people ask (or complain ;) about, please don't expect any improvements in the near future unless somebody submits a patch. Best regards, Nils
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