Comment a Page

To comment a page
  1. if the comment field isn't shown at the bottom of the page, below the text 'Add a comment to this page:', click on the [Add comment] or [Display comments] link after 'There are ... comments on this page'
  1. write the comment in the field; note that Wiki markup doesn't apply here but blank lines automatically result in (visual) paragraphs
  1. click on Add Comment

The comment is automatically "signed" with either registered user name or (for an anonymous user) origin node name or IP address, and a timestamp.

If there is neither a field for comments, nor an [Add comment] or [Display comments] link, like for example on RecentChanges, this can have two causes:
  1. the action nocomments is in the code of the page
  1. the owner of the page doesn't allow comments

Comment by NilsLindenberg
2009-03-01 09:37:04
For test comments, please use the demo-server:
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