Category Action Documentation

Once the planned 'autodoc' feature for actions is "live", this page will contain the automatically-generated documentation by just including an action; for now, I've just manually created the text.

See also:
  • WikiCategory - the explanation pages distributed with the wikka package


Short description
Shows the pages and subcategories belonging to a category.

pagestringoptionalcurrent pagethe category for which you want to display the pages and categories.
0 or 1
00 (default) produces a columnar layout with a layout table; 1 produces output in the form of an unordered list.
colintegeroptional1number of columns (for compact=0).

Long description
See WikiCategory to understand how the system works.

{{category [page="Categoryxxx"]}}

see the Category EN.


Comment by anonymous
2008-02-22 08:57:08
Please provide examples of the Usage using all the Parameters.
Comment by anonymous
2008-04-28 06:43:57
The 'category' action will list the wikiname (for e.g JohnSmith etc..).

Is it possible to have the category action list the name as John Smith? Is there any other way to issue this?

I am using Wikka as a PIM and have a contacts category. Using the 'category' action, all the names are listed well, but without spaces making it hard to read. Any ideas/suggestions?
Comment by anonymous
2008-11-23 19:03:31
Because of category names are composed by words with capitalized first letters, should be enough to make a function that split the string based on capitalized words and print the new string.
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