Speed and performance

Thanks to its light core, WikkaWiki shows impressive performances.
The time required to generate a page from the database is displayed in the footer of each page. For example, the current page takes around 20-30 milliseconds to be created.
Longer pages (especially pages containing code blocks and using syntax highlighting) might require a slightly longer generation time.

Comment by anonymous
2008-08-26 02:59:53
And really, really, really long pages still generally manage to work. For instance, my Wikka installation over at ttu.tomorrowlands.org got deluged with about 4,800 spam comments in two days, all targeted at the single page with a forgotten anonymous-comments-allowed ACL. It still generated that page in 1.2 seconds.

On the other hand, under that comment load the "Recent Comments" page took upwards of a minute to load, and apparently locked up the mysql server at least once before I took the wiki down for maintenance.
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