Wikka Skins

Note: this functionality has been obsoleted by the theme support introduced in Wikka 1.2.

Default Wikka CSS stylesheets

The main CSS sheet for screen-displayed content.

The main CSS sheet for printable content.

The CSS sheet for XML formatting.

Wikka CSS Classes Specs

Here is the basic specification of CSS classes used in Wikka.

CSS classTypeDescriptionSyntax
img.centre, img.center, img.left, img.rightimage actionControls the position of images
.indentformatterControls indentation of lists~Text or 4 consecutive spaces
.errorsystemDetermines the format of Wikka error messages
.headersystemControls the appearance of the page header, including the format of the main title and the menu bar
.pagesystemControls the overall apearance of the page body
.missingpagesystemDetermines the format of links to missing pages
.footersystemControls the appearance of the page footer, including the bottom menu links
.commentsheadersystemControls the look of comments header
.commentsystemControls the look of every single comment entry
.commentinfosystemControls the look of the information displayed below each comment (user, date/time)
.commentformsystemControls the appearance of the form for submitting comments
.codeformatterControls the overall appearance of code blocks. Code highlighting style is controlled by the specific code formatter%%Text%%
.notesformatterDetermines the format of notes''Text''
.revisioninfosystemControls the overall look of the revision page
H5formatterDetermines the format of smallish headers==Text==
H4formatterDetermines the format of not-so-big headers===Text===
H3formatterDetermines the format of medium headers====Text====
H2formatterDetermines the format of rather-big headers=====Text=====
H1formatterDetermines the format of really-big headers======Text======
a.extformatterDetermines the format of links to external pages[[http://www.pathto.go]]
.exttailsystemDetermines | the format of the optional external-link tail, specified in the configuration file
.searchboxsystem/textsearch actionControls the look of search fields in the footer and in search actions
.toolbarsystemControls the look of the wikiedit GUI
.clearformatterForces clearing of floating boxes::c::
.floatlformatterControls the look and positioning of left-aligned floats<<Text <<
.floatrformatterControls the look and positioning of right-aligned floats>>Text >>
.previewheadsystemControls the look of the preview screen header
.strikethroughformatterDetermines the format of strike-through text++Text++
.additionssystemControls the look of additions in the revision page
.deletionssystemControls the look of deletions in the revision page
.underlineformatterDetermines the format of underlined text__Text__
.recentchangesrecentchanges actionControls the overall look of the recent change page
.center, .centreformatterControls the positioning of centered elements@@Text@@
.keysformatterControls the look of button-like text#%Text%#
.smallprintsystemControls the look of the small links and credits below the footer
.editornamecsssystemUsed by WikiEdit to style the name of the editor ('WikiEdit') in the toolbar
.pagenotesystemUsed to markup the edit note in the recent changes view

Obsolete or unused styles: .comments, .highlight, .copyright

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