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====== Wikka Skins ======

**Note:** this functionality has been obsoleted by the [[WikkaThemes | theme support]] introduced in [[WhatsNew12 | Wikka 1.2]].

>>==See also==
~-[[WikkaThemes | Using themes]]
~-[[DefaultLayout | The default page layout]]
==== Default Wikka CSS stylesheets ====

~The main CSS sheet for screen-displayed content.

~The main CSS sheet for printable content.

~The CSS sheet for XML formatting.


==== Wikka CSS Classes Specs ====

Here is the basic **specification** of CSS classes used in Wikka.

|=|CSS class||Type||Description||Syntax||
|=|img.centre,, img.left, img.right||image action||Controls the position of images|| ||
|=|.indent||formatter||Controls indentation of lists||""~Text or 4 consecutive spaces""||
|=|.error||system||Determines the format of Wikka error messages|| ||
|=|.header||system||Controls the appearance of the page header, including the format of the main title and the menu bar|| ||
|=|.page||system||Controls the overall apearance of the page body|| ||
|=|.missingpage||system||Determines the format of links to missing pages|| ||
|=|.footer||system||Controls the appearance of the page footer, including the bottom menu links|| ||
|=|.commentsheader||system||Controls the look of comments header|| ||
|=|.comment||system||Controls the look of every single comment entry|| ||
|=|.commentinfo||system||Controls the look of the information displayed below each comment (user, date/time)|| ||
|=|.commentform||system||Controls the appearance of the form for submitting comments|| ||
|=|.code||formatter||Controls the overall appearance of code blocks. Code highlighting style is controlled by the specific code formatter||""%%Text%%""||
|=|.notes||formatter||Determines the format of notes||""''Text''""||
|=|.revisioninfo||system||Controls the overall look of the revision page|| ||
|=|H5||formatter||Determines the format of smallish headers||""==Text==""||
|=|H4||formatter||Determines the format of not-so-big headers||""===Text===""||
|=|H3||formatter||Determines the format of medium headers||""====Text====""||
|=|H2||formatter||Determines the format of rather-big headers||""=====Text=====""||
|=|H1||formatter||Determines the format of really-big headers||""======Text======""||
|=|a.ext||formatter||Determines the format of links to external pages||""[[http://www.pathto.go]]""||
|=|.exttail||system||Determines | the format of the optional external-link tail, specified in the configuration file|| ||
|=|.searchbox||system/textsearch action||Controls the look of search fields in the footer and in search actions|| ||
|=|.toolbar||system||Controls the look of the wikiedit GUI|| ||
|=|.clear||formatter||Forces clearing of floating boxes||""::c::""||
|=|.floatl||formatter||Controls the look and positioning of left-aligned floats||<<Text <<||
|=|.floatr||formatter||Controls the look and positioning of right-aligned floats||>>Text >>||
|=|.previewhead||system||Controls the look of the preview screen header|| ||
|=|.strikethrough||formatter||Determines the format of strike-through text||""++Text++""||
|=|.additions||system||Controls the look of additions in the revision page|| ||
|=|.deletions||system||Controls the look of deletions in the revision page|| ||
|=|.underline||formatter||Determines the format of underlined text||""__Text__""||
|=|.recentchanges||recentchanges action||Controls the overall look of the recent change page|| ||
|=|.center, .centre||formatter||Controls the positioning of centered elements||""@@Text@@""||
|=|.keys||formatter||Controls the look of button-like text||""#%Text%#""||
|=|.smallprint||system||Controls the look of the small links and credits below the footer|| ||
|=|.editornamecss||system||Used by WikiEdit to style the name of the editor ('WikiEdit') in the toolbar|| ||
|=|.pagenote||system||Used to markup the edit note in the recent changes view|| ||

**Obsolete or unused styles**: .comments, .highlight, .copyright

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