Displaying the source code of a page

A Wikka page is generated through some basic FormattingRules that are interpreted by the Wikka Engine to display the page as HTML

There are several ways for displaying the source code of a Wikka page:

  1. If you have write-access to the page, you can click on the Edit link to display an editable version of the page.

  1. You can also display the source of a page (since version by using the showcode handler. To use it, just add /showcode to the end of any page URL.
For example:

http://docs.wikkawiki.org/HomePage shows the rendered version of HomePage

  1. A plain text version of a page source is also available via the raw handler (usage: PageName/raw); when called up directly, this does not result in a "readable" page (because it gets treated as HTML which "squashes" all whitespace) but it's very useful for usage in actions that need to deal with the source of a page.

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