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<<=====The Wikka Docs=====This website hosts the **official documentation** of [[ | WikkaWiki]].
Contributions for [[WantedPages | missing entries]] and [[DocumentationDiscussion | discussion]] are welcome and should follow these [[DocumentationGuidelines | guidelines]].

//Note: Since 1.3.5, the WikkaWiki repository and issue tracker has been managed at [[ | github]]. Any links on this site pointing to any other site other than github are now obsolete and probably **do not work**. Please feel free to access the issue tracker at [[ | our new home]].//

The end-use documentation for WikkaWiki is licensed under the {{license type="CC-BY-SA" display="inline"}}. {{license type="CC-BY-SA" display="badge"}}<<>>===What's new in Wikka===
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<<==Other languages:==
~-[[WikkaDocumentationES | Español]]
~-[[WikkaDocumentationFR | Français]]
~-[[WikkaDocumentationDE | Deutsch]] (summary)
==See also:==
~-**[[WikkaInAction | Wikka in action]]** {{image url="images/action/qt.gif" link="WikkaInAction" alt="quicktime icon" title="Wikka clips"}}
~-[[WikkaGuidedTours | A visual introduction to WikkaWiki]]

=== Documentation shortcuts===
~-[[ConfigurationOptions | Overview of configuration options]]
~-[[ | List of actions bundled with Wikka]]
~-[[ | List of handlers bundled with Wikka]]
~-[[FormattingRules | Summary of Wikka formatting rules]]
~-[[DocumentationIndex | Documentation Index]]
~-[[WikkaFAQ | Frequently Asked Questions]]

===The concept ===
//If the concept of a wiki is new to you//

>>**See also:**
~-[[SocialSoftware | What is social software?]]
~-[[MindMapping | What is a mind map?]]
~-[[WikiEngine | What is a Wiki?]]
~-[[WikkaWiki | What is WikkaWiki?]]
~-[[WikiName | The concept of a WikiName]]
~-[[PageOwnership | The concept of page ownership]]

===Wikka Vision===
//The Wikka way to content management//

>>**See also:**
~-[[WikkaFeatures | Wikka feature list]]
~-[[InvisibleWiki | An invisible wiki engine?]]
~-[[FlexibleWikka | The many uses of Wikka]]
~-[[ | Sites powered by WikkaWiki]]
~-[[ | Opinions on WikkaWiki]]
~-[[WakkaWiki | Wikka's ancestry: WakkaWiki]]
~-[[WikkaStandards | Standards compliance]]
~-[[LightweightInfo | Lightweightness]]
~-[[SpeedInfo | Speed]]
~-[[ExtensibleInfo | Extensibility]]
~-[[LicenseInfo | Open source]]
~-[[SecurityInfo | Security]]

//General documentation for end users//

~-[[RegisterInfo | How to register, login and logout]]
~~-[[UserSettingsInfo | The Usersettings]]
~-[[CreateNewPage | Creating a new page]]
~-[[EditPageInfo | Editing a page]]
~~-[[TextFormatting | How to format text]]
~~-[[AddingImages | Adding images]]
~~-[[ColorActionInfo | Adding colored text]]
~~-[[AddingLinks | Adding links]]
~~-[[InterWiki | Interwiki links]]
~~-[[WikkaEdit | Using the editor toolbar (WikkaEdit)]] {{since version="" display="inline"}}
~~-[[SmartTitlesInfo | Editing the page title]]
~-[[ShowCodeInfo | Displaying the source code of a page]]
~-[[CommentPageInfo | Commenting a page]]
~-[[SearchHelp | Searching in Wikka]]
~- [[ThreadedComments | Threaded comments]] {{since version="1.3" display="inline"}}
~-**[[FormattingRules | Summary of Wikka formatting rules]]**

//Documentation for experienced users and content administrators//

~-Adding to a page:
~~-[[TableMarkup | Tables]] {{since version="1.2" display="inline"}}
~~-[[UsingActions | Actions]]
~~-[[UsingHTML | HTML]]
~~-[[SyntaxHighlighter | Code blocks]]
~~-[[FlashActionInfo | Flash objects]]
~~-[[FreeMind | Mindmaps]]
~~-[[AttachmentInfo | File attachments and uploads]]
~~-[[RssInfo | Including RSS Feeds]]
~-[[WikiCategory | Creating and using categories]]
~-[[PageHistoryInfo | Displaying the history of a page]]
~-[[RetrieveInfo | Retrieving an older version of a page]]
~-[[RevertHandlerInfo | Reverting the last edit of a page]]
~-[[ACLInfo | Controlling access to pages and comments]]
~-[[ReferrersInfo | Displaying sites referring to a page]]
~-[[PageDeletionInfo | Deleting a page]]
~-[[CloneHandlerInfo | Cloning a page]]
~-[[SysInfoActionInfo | Displaying system information and statistics]]

//Documentation for [[WikkaAdmin | Wikka administrators]]//

~-[[SystemRequirements | System requirements]]
~-[[WikkaFeatures | The features of WikkaWiki]]
~-[[WikkaInstallation | How to install Wikka Wiki]]
~~-[[WikkaSecurity | Verifying the integrity of a Wikka zipfile/tarball release]]
~~-[[ModRewrite | Wikka and RewriteRules]]
~~-[[WikkaOnMacOSX | Installing Wikka on Mac OS X]]
~~-[[WikiOnAStick | Installing Wikka on a USB stick]]
~~-[[LighttpdConfig | Configuring Lighttpd for Wikka]]
~~-[[InvisibleWiki | Running an invisible wiki engine]]
~~-[[InstallingPlugins | Installing plugins]] {{since display="inline" version=""}}
~-[[UpgradeNotes | Upgrading Wikka Wiki]]
~~-[[WikkaReleaseNotes | Wikka Release notes]]
~~-[[UpgradingFromWakkaWiki | Migrating from Wakka Wiki]]
~-[[ConfigurationOptions | wikka.config.php - Understanding the main configuration file]]
~~-[[WikkaAdmin | Managing Admins]]
~-Customizing Wikka's //look & feel//:
~~-[[WikkaThemes | Installing themes]] {{since version="1.2" display="inline"}}
~~-[[WikkaMenus | Menu configuration files]] {{since version="1.2" display="inline"}}
~~-[[Menulets | Menu widgets]] {{since version="1.2" display="inline"}}
~-[[SysInfoActionInfo | Overviewing system information]]
~~-[[DbInfoActionInfo | Database information]] {{since version="" display="inline"}}
~~-[[WikkaConfigActionInfo | Current configuration settings]] {{since version="" display="inline"}}
~- [[LocalizationProposal | Creating wiki translations]] {{since version="1.3" display="inline"}}
~-[[UserRegistrationValidationFramework | Enabling and configuring user registration (UR) validation modules]] {{since version="" display="inline"}}
~-[[UserAdministration | User Administration]] {{since version="" display="inline"}}
~-[[PageAdministration | Page Administration]] {{since version="" display="inline"}}
~-[[ACLInfo | Securing pages and comments using ACLs]]
~-[[BreadcrumbConfiguration]] | {{since version="1.3.6" display="inline"}}

//Developer documentation on the inner working and architecture of Wikka.
Please bear in mind that pages on this server contain mainly archival material for documentation purposes. If you wish to contribute to the development of Wikka, we suggest you check the [[ contributor guidelines]] on the main server and the [[ | Wikka Tracker]] //

>>**See also:**
~-[[ | Current development]]
~-[[ | Wikka Beta features]]
~-[[ | Wikka Change log]]
~-[[ | How to contribute to Wikka]]
~-[[WikkaSystemFiles | Wikka Files]]
~~The files of the Wikka distribution (//also available as a [[ | MindMap]]//)
~-[[WikkaTableStructure | Wikka Tables]]
~~The structure of the MySQL tables of Wikka
~-[[ | Wikka Modifications]]
~~History of the main modifications of this engine
~-[[WikkaCore | Wikka Core]]
~~Outlines the structure of ##wikka.php##, the core of Wikka, which contains all the functions
~-[[ActionInfo | Wikka Actions]]
~~Explains how actions function and how to build new actions. Actions are used to add automatic content to wikipages
~-[[FormatterDevInfo | Wikka Formatter]]
~~Explains how the formatter works and how to build formatters. The formatter is in charge of converting wiki syntax into HTML output
~-[[HandlerInfo | Wikka Handlers]]
~~Explains how handlers function and how to build new handlers. Handlers perform a number of operations on a wiki page as a whole, e.g. deleting, creating, editing a page.
~-[[WikkaSkins | Wikka CSS]]
~~Describes CSS classes used by Wikka and how to customize them.
~-[[ThirdPartyInfo | Third-party software]]
~~Describes what third-party software is bundled with Wikka and where to find more information.

**Wikka main server: [[]]**
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