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=====Displaying the source code of a page=====

A Wikka page is generated through some basic FormattingRules that are interpreted by the [[WikiEngine | Wikka Engine]] to display the page as HTML

There are several ways for displaying the source code of a Wikka page:

~1) If you have [[ACLInfo | write-access]] to the page, you can click on the Edit link to display an [[EditPageInfo | editable version]] of the page.--- ---
~1) You can also display the source of a page (since version by using the **showcode** handler. To use it, just add ##/showcode## to the end of any page URL.
~For example:
~ shows the rendered version of HomePage
~ displays the source code.
~1) A plain text version of a page source is also available via the **raw** handler (usage: ##""PageName/raw""##); when called up directly, this does not result in a "readable" page (because it gets treated as HTML which "squashes" all whitespace) but it's very useful for usage in actions that need to deal with the source of a page.

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