What's new in Wikka 1.3.2 ?

Released on 02Oct2011

This release includes important security fixes, please download the latest patched version to the right.



Latest stable release (released 11Dec2011):

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globe User-contributed localized packages
plugin User-contributed plugins

Installation notes

We strongly recommend users running previous versions of Wikka to upgrade or install a fresh package.

Browse the source

You can browse the source code of Wikka 1.3.2 from the SVN repository.


Please report any bug, issue or feature suggestion for 1.3.2 in the tracker.


javier, KrzysztofTrybowski, BruceFoster, u.o., TimCas, fguillier, skrap, dragonslanding, Stiva, EgiX, and the Secunia team.

Security fixes

Ticket:1097 Multiple Security Vulnerabilities
Ticket:1098 RCE and CSRF vulnerabilities

New/improved functionality

Ticket:1075 Massive speedup to PageIndex action
Ticket:1088 Add option to exclude table prefix in getCount()

Bug fixes

Ticket:1052 Can't access page named "lang" anymore
Ticket:1081 admin cannot delete users
Ticket:990 Password reminder email should have character set defined
Ticket:1002 adminusers mass delete broken
Ticket:1025 On reload installer forgets theme and language selected
Ticket:1053 Forced InterWiki links broken
Ticket:1054 Grabcode handler broken
Ticket:1059 Monospace syntax without a following space?
Ticket:1073 parenthesis position error in edit.php
Ticket:1085 Ticket:1084 update
Ticket:1086 Support for multiple URLs pointing to same wiki broken
Ticket:1089 Paging links broken in adminuser action
Ticket:928 DejaVu fonts for light template css
Ticket:1050 mindmap xml parsing broke after upgrade 1.2 to 1.3.1 linux

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