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===== What's new in Wikka 1.3.2 ? =====
''Released on 02Oct2011''

{{color c="red" text="This release includes important security fixes, please download the latest patched version to the right."}}

<<==See also==
~-**[[Installing131 | Installation & upgrade notes for 1.3.2]]**
~-[[Changelog | All release changelogs]]

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===Installation notes===
We strongly recommend users running previous versions of Wikka to [[Installing132 | upgrade]] or [[WikkaInstallation | install a fresh package]].

===Browse the source===
You can browse the source code of [[ | Wikka 1.3.2]] from the ""<abbr title="Subversion">SVN</abbr>"" repository.

Please report any bug, issue or feature suggestion for 1.3.2 in the [[ | tracker]].

javier, ""KrzysztofTrybowski"", ""BruceFoster"", u.o., ""TimCas"", fguillier, skrap, dragonslanding, Stiva, ""EgiX"", and the Secunia team.

===Security fixes===
Ticket:1097 Multiple Security Vulnerabilities
Ticket:1098 RCE and CSRF vulnerabilities

===New/improved functionality===
Ticket:1075 Massive speedup to PageIndex action
Ticket:1088 Add option to exclude table prefix in getCount()

===Bug fixes===
Ticket:1052 Can't access page named "lang" anymore
Ticket:1081 admin cannot delete users
Ticket:990 Password reminder email should have character set defined
Ticket:1002 adminusers mass delete broken
Ticket:1025 On reload installer forgets theme and language selected
Ticket:1053 Forced InterWiki links broken
Ticket:1054 Grabcode handler broken
Ticket:1059 Monospace syntax without a following space?
Ticket:1073 parenthesis position error in edit.php
Ticket:1085 Ticket:1084 update
Ticket:1086 Support for multiple URLs pointing to same wiki broken
Ticket:1089 Paging links broken in adminuser action
Ticket:928 DejaVu fonts for light template css
Ticket:1050 mindmap xml parsing broke after upgrade 1.2 to 1.3.1 linux

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