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User Registration (UR) Validation Framework


Version introduces a new lightweight framework for implementing user registration (UR) validation schemes. By default, this framework does not introduce any new UR functionality in an upgraded installation. In order to enable a validation scheme, the following steps must be taken:

  1. The desired UR module must be installed.
  1. The UR module must be enabled by setting one or more module configuration settings in wikka.config.php.

Installing UR Modules

The release version of includes two default UR modules:

URDummyModule Always validates as true. This module is useful for testing or as a template for developing customized UR modules.
URInviteCodeModule Requires new registrants to provide an invitation code (password) for successful registration.

Currently, modules (other than those listed above) must be installed manually by copying the modules to <wikka-dir>/libs/UR/<URModuleName>. It is important that this directory naming convention be observed, as the main UR classes depend upon UR modules residing here.

Enabling UR Modules

Manual installation of a UR module does not "enable" the module. This must be done by setting the appropriate configuration parameters in wikka.config.php.

The first step is to add the UR module name to the UR_validation_modules configuration parameter. If this parameter does not yet exist in wikka.config.php, simply create it and add the module name. If the parameter already exists, and you want the new module to co-exist with previous modules, add the module name to the parameter argument using a comma as the separator.

'UR_validation_modules' => 'URDummyModule',

'UR_validation_modules' => 'URDummyModule, URInviteCodeModule',

The following table summarizes the module-specific configuration parameters required for each UR module:

UR Module NameConfiguration ParameterOptionsDescription
URDummyModuleUR_validation_modulesURDummyModuleEnables the URDummy module
URInviteCodeModuleUR_validation_modulesURInviteCodeModuleEnables the URInviteCode module
UR_InviteCode_password<string>A string that sets an invitation code that will be required from a registrant before a registration is successfully processed

Creating UR Modules

A tutorial for creating UR modules, based upon the URInviteCodeModule, can be found here. Additional code examples can be found here.

Future Enhancements

The current UR framework is a work in progress. While operational, several features remain to be implemented. Suggestions for improvement are always welcome.

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