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=====User Registration (UR) Validation Framework=====


Version introduces a new lightweight framework for implementing user registration (UR) validation schemes. By default, this framework does not introduce any new UR functionality in an upgraded installation. In order to enable a validation scheme, the following steps must be taken:

1) The desired UR module must be installed.
1) The UR module must be enabled by setting one or more module configuration settings in ##wikka.config.php##.

====Installing UR Modules====

The release version of includes two default UR modules:

**""URDummyModule""** Always validates as true. This module is useful for testing or as a template for developing customized UR modules.
**""URInviteCodeModule""** Requires new registrants to provide an invitation code (password) for successful registration.
Currently, modules (other than those listed above) must be installed manually by copying the modules to ##<wikka-dir>/libs/UR/<""URModuleName"">##. It is important that this directory naming convention be observed, as the main UR classes depend upon UR modules residing here.

====Enabling UR Modules====

Manual installation of a UR module does not "enable" the module. This must be done by setting the appropriate configuration parameters in ##wikka.config.php##.

The first step is to add the UR module name to the ##UR_validation_modules## configuration parameter. If this parameter does not yet exist in ##wikka.config.php##, simply create it and add the module name. If the parameter already exists, and you want the new module to co-exist with previous modules, add the module name to the parameter argument using a comma as the separator.

'UR_validation_modules' => 'URDummyModule',

'UR_validation_modules' => 'URDummyModule, URInviteCodeModule',

The following table summarizes the module-specific configuration parameters required for each UR module:

|=|UR Module Name|=|Configuration Parameter|=|Options|=|Description||
||**""URDummyModule""**||UR_validation_modules||##""URDummyModule""##||Enables the ""URDummy"" module||
||**""URInviteCodeModule""**||UR_validation_modules||##""URInviteCodeModule""##||Enables the ""URInviteCode"" module||
||||UR_InviteCode_password||<string>||A string that sets an invitation code that will be required from a registrant before a registration is successfully processed||

====Creating UR Modules====

A tutorial for creating UR modules, based upon the ##""URInviteCodeModule""##, can be found [[ | here]]. Additional code examples can be found [[ | here]].

====Future Enhancements====

The current UR framework is a work in progress. While operational, several features remain to be implemented. Suggestions for improvement are always welcome.

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