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===== Migrating from WakkaWiki to Wikka Wiki=====

Upgrading to Wikka from WakkaWiki is fully tested and working as of Wikka version

Upgrading from any of the following versions should work:
- WakkaWiki 0.1
- WakkaWiki 0.1.1
- WakkaWiki 0.1.2
- WakkaWiki 0.1.3-dev

== Instructions ==

1) Backup your WakkaWiki directory.
1) Backup your WakkaWiki MySQL data.
1) Delete all of the files in the WakkaWiki directory **except ##wakka.config.php##**. This is the only file that you need.
1) Read step 3 again -- do not delete the wakka.config.php file.
1) Upload all the files from the latest Wikka release into the WakkaWiki directory. *
1) Point a web browser at the URL for your WakkaWiki site and the Wikka upgrade script will run.

* **Note:** Make sure you upload the Wikka files into the correct directory. For example, if your Wakka directory is ##/public_html/wakka##, upload the Wikka files and subdirectories into the ##/public_html/wakka## directory. Do not upload the Wikka **directory** into the Wakka directory so that it looks like this: ##/public_html/wakka/wikka/##. See the difference? In other words, when you select the files in your FTP client, browse **into** the Wikka release directory and select all files and folders, then upload.

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