TOC (Table of Contents) Action Documentation

This is the documentation page for the toc action.


This feature is available since:
WikkaWiki 1.3.6
Please note this action will not work with versions prior to 1.3.6! This is a post-formatter action that requires slightly different syntax.

Short description
Generate a Table of Contents (ToC) based upon headings


levelsstringoptional"h1,h2,h3,h4,h5"comma-delimited list of heading designators, "h1" through "h5", corresponding to indent level desired
titlestringoptional"Table of Contents"title of ToC display
linksbooleanoptional"true"whether or not ToC links are linked to headings

Long description
This action generates a Table of Contents (ToC) based upon headings. The ToC is displayed with heading strings indented depending upon the order of the "levels" attribute. Please note that this action requires the use of the post-formatter action markup: {{{toc}}}. Each linked-to heading, when clicked, will return the user to the top of the page.

Generate a list of headings, with the title of "Table of Contents", in nested order from largest heading (h1) to smallest heading (h5).



Generate a right-justified text box containing all the h5 headings on the page, with a title of "Index".


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