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=====TOC (Table of Contents) Action Documentation=====
This is the documentation page for the ##toc## action.

{{since version="1.3.6" align="left"}} Please note this action **will not work** with versions prior to 1.3.6! This is a [[ | post-formatter action]] that requires slightly different syntax.

==Short description==
Generate a Table of Contents (""ToC"") based upon headings


|=|levels||string||optional||"h1,h2,h3,h4,h5"||comma-delimited list of heading designators, "h1" through "h5", corresponding to indent level desired||
|=|title||string||optional||"Table of Contents"||title of ""ToC"" display||
|=|links||boolean||optional||"true"||whether or not ""ToC"" links are linked to headings||

==Long description==
This action generates a Table of Contents (""ToC"") based upon headings. The ""ToC"" is displayed with heading strings indented depending upon the order of the "levels" attribute. Please note that this action **requires the use of the post-formatter action markup: ##""{{{toc}}}""##**. Each linked-to heading, when clicked, will return the user to the top of the page.

Generate a list of headings, with the title of "Table of Contents", in nested order from largest heading (h1) to smallest heading (h5).

##"">>{{{toc title="Index" levels="h5"}}}>>::c::""##
Generate a right-justified text box containing all the h5 headings on the page, with a title of "Index".

- [[ | Brian Koontz]]
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