Basic Functions of Wikka

This page explains the basic functions and the navigation in this wiki.

Allgemeiner Aufbau

a typical page in wikka
This is an image of a typical wiki page (Category_Category). Relevant parts are marked with different numbers which are explained in the following text.

1. Navigation bar

In the red area you find the basic navigation elements:
Link Function
HomePage a link back to the homepage
PageIndex an alphabetical sorted overview of all pages
RecentChanges List of the last changes to all pages of the wiki
RecentlyCommented List of the last comments from users in this wiki
Change settings/Logout
or Register/Login
either you can create your account, log-in if you already have one or you can change your settings, if you are logged-in
You are ... Shows your username or IP-address

2. Page content

The content of the page can be found in this area. It can be edited following the "Edit page" (4) link or by doubleclicking on the page.


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