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Wikka Changelog

Wikka 1.2 Release Notes

1.2 released ??


New/improved functionality
Ticket:214 random logout issue on IIS server
Ticket:217 ACL enhancements for
Ticket:219 All text displayed to users should be consolidated into one file
Ticket:220 No confirmation after updating the settings
Ticket:230 Formatter support for simple table markup
Ticket:240 Make gethostbyaddr() configurable
Ticket:267 Textarea dimensions in edit.php broken.
Ticket:276 Action= URLs not generated correctly.
Ticket:277 File uploads ( working but deletion and downloads not...
Ticket:310 Access wikkawiki from different machine without DNS
Ticket:372 Category name matches part of URL.
Ticket:378 [nul] appended if link texts end with special character
Ticket:392 File upload for registered users.
Ticket:394 long page character soup in FIrefox Mac 2.x
Ticket:418 Threaded comments
Ticket:430 Allow configuration of maximum file upload size
Ticket:468 registrations=>0 but new account created
Ticket:477 Allows the use of wiki markup inside table cells.
Ticket:523 Category issues
Ticket:527 Change textarea name in edit.php
Ticket:581 [trunk] Update for Geshi to
Ticket:617 Installer translation and human_lang customisable
Ticket:628 Restrict registration of new users
Ticket:675 Restore default ACL
Ticket:699 Crash when adminusers and adminpages included in same page
Ticket:733 Problems with apache zlib.output_compression turned On
Ticket:789 HTML Embedded doesn't work
Ticket:794 Support for edit caching
Ticket:874 Closing HTML tags in footer
Ticket:892 Translation issues with the edit handler.
Ticket:894 stylesheet_path option in 1.2


Bug fixes

Minor issues
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