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[[WikkaReleaseNotes | Wikka Changelog]]
===== [[WhatsNew12 | Wikka 1.2]] Release Notes =====
''Released: September 1, 2009''

>>==See also:==
~-**[[WhatsNew12 | What's new in 1.2]]**
~-[[Installing12 | Installation & upgrade notes for 1.2]]
~- [[InstallingPlugins | How to use the plugins folder]]
Ed Jason, haknet, fishy, Vincent Fretin, Masin Al-Dujaili, glennj, Zach Garner, mmorgan, Ilija, J_Rey

==New/improved functionality==

Ticket:6 Page layout overhaul
Ticket:11 Menulets
Ticket:230 Formatter support for simple table markup
Ticket:240 Make gethostbyaddr() configurable
Ticket:627 Themes
Ticket:750 Default page with table markup documentation
Ticket:825 ""{{files}}"" action should emit a warning if PHP config file_uploads is Off
Ticket:891 Menu configuration files
Ticket:908 Theme Selector

==Bug fixes==

Ticket:313 Linktracking optimizations and other fixes
Ticket:860 Modify config with plugin directories during upgrades
Ticket:861 Hardcoded paths in
Ticket:874 Closing HTML tags in footer
Ticket:884 checkversion timeout
Ticket:892 Translation issues with the edit handler.

==Patch level 1==

Ticket:913 Theme path error in Windows
Ticket:915 Themes do not render correctly
Ticket:916 Support for displaying patch levels
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