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[[WikkaReleaseNotes | Wikka Changelog]]
===== [[WhatsNew1166 | Wikka]] Release Notes =====
''Released on Feb 14, 2009''

>>===This is an archive page===
For the **{{color c="red" text="latest release"}}** news please refer to [[WhatsNew | this page]].

==See also:==
~-**[[WhatsNew1166 | What's new in]]**
~-[[Installing1166 | Installation & upgrade notes for]]
~- [[InstallingPlugins | How to use the plugins folder]]
Thanks to doomedfox, Vincent Mayoux, martin_misuth, Krzysztof Trybowski, bikoz, toringe, Eclipse, apxrms.

==Security fixes==
~- Removed generic references to ##$_REQUEST## global variable. Ticket: 312
~- Restricted size of note field in editor. Ticket: 826
~- New antispam measure: Random tokens added to submitted forms to discourage scripted comment/page spam attacks. Ticket: 154
~- Pages that are not accessible to the current user are now filtered from the backlinks handler. Ticket: 851

==Bug fixes==
~- Under some conditions, a user attempting to log out will discover he/she is not able to do so. Ticket: 800
~- Prevent filename inheritance across multiple code blocks in grabcode handler. Ticket: 783
~- ##meta_keyword## and ##meta_description## config entries now escaped to ensure XHTML validation. Ticket: 816
~- Fixed DB error generated during some page ACL operations. Ticket: 811
~- Floats properly cleared when closing main ##<div>##. Ticket: 683
~- Comment search filters now work correctly for registered users. Ticket: 810
~- Fixed bug that prevented file downloads in IE. Ticket: 848

==New features==
~- [[ | Universal Edit Button]] support. Ticket: 779
~- Redirection on login. Users attempting to write-access a wiki page are now redirected to the page after logging in. Ticket: 245
~- Full text search now has option to perform case-sensitive searches (non-case-sensitive searches are performed by default). Ticket: 821
~- [[RevActionInfo | {{rev}}]] action: a simple action to display the current revision number of a page. Ticket: 813
~- Fast switch between source view and rendered view for old page revisions. Ticket: 844 ''(not included in RC1)''
~- Fast switch between //full diff// and //simple diff// mode. Ticket: 844 ''(not included in RC1)''
~- Support for multiple paths in config file to permit [[InstallingPlugins | directory overrides for plugins]] (actions, handlers, templates, formatters, and CSS files). Ticket: 805

~- Added support for ##width## and ##height## parameters in [[AddingImages | image]] action. Ticket: 853
~- CSS-driven link tails (replace the hardcoded ##external_link_tail##). Ticket: 35 ''(not included in RC1)''
~- Added new library function, ##""AddCustomHeaders()""##, to facilitate customization of output based upon runtime config options. Ticket: 804
~- Minor code cleanup. Ticket: 828
~- Added a courtesy link pointing to new page created by clone handler. Ticket: 832
~- Normalized separators used in config file. Ticket: 842
~- Removed unnecessary JS dependencies in core actions, handlers and installer. Ticket: 353
~- Diff to output differences in raw wiki markup. Ticket: 770 ''(not included in RC1)''
~- Semantically correct use of ##<ins>## and ##<del>## in the formatter and diff handler. Ticket: 274 ''(not included in RC1)''
~- Added meta generator tag. Ticket: 839
~- Added link to the configuration settings documentation page from ##wikka.config.php##. Ticket: 841
~- New logo. Ticket: 784 ''(not included in RC1)''
~- New feed icon. Ticket: 150 ''(not included in RC1)''
~- Improved XHTML source layout for readability. Ticket: 784 ''(not included in RC1)''
~- Fixed issue that may result in incorrect display of page generation time. Ticket: 850.

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