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>>===This is an archive page===
For the **{{color c="red" text="latest release"}}** news please refer to [[WhatsNew | this page]].
==See also:==
>>**See also:**

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- Added ##""GetUser()""## checking to referrer pages. [[Wikka:AndreaRossato | AndreaRossato]]
- Added GetUser checking to referrer pages. [[Wikka:AndreaRossato | AndreaRossato]]

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===== Wikka Release Notes =====
''Released on August 15 2004''
- Fixed small categories-related counting bug.
- Added IncludeAction [DreckFehler]
- Fixed output bug in the tables action that was introduced in version
- Many improvements to TextSearch. [Thanks to [[Wikka:AndreaRossato | AndreaRossato]] for initial assistance]
- Added xml.css per suggestion from DotMG.
- Removed 'trimming' from the Wakka formatter. I think users should be able to have extra line-breaks if they want.
- Moved converting of '4 consecutive spaces to tab' to Wakka formatter from the Edit Handler. This allows for the option of changing this behavior in the future, rather than storing the tab conversion in the database.
- Replaced all occurrences of ##mysql_escape_string## with ##mysql_real_escape_string## per recommendation in the PHP manual.
- Replaced all ##<i>## HTML tags with ##<em>##.
- Added GetUser checking to referrer pages. [[Wikka:AndreaRossato | AndreaRossato]]
===== Wikka Release Notes =====
''Released on September 02 2004 - "The FreeMind release"''
==FreeMind-related additions:==
- Added inline mindmap detection to the wakka formatter.
- Added the 'freemind' directory, which contains the Freemind browser applet and FreeMind documentation map.
- Added the 'mindmap' action. (see next item item for an example)
- Added two new page handlers which return raw page text: 'raw' and ''
- The handler is to allow for users to directly enter their own mindmaps into a page in conjunction with the mindmap action.
- First: Enter raw XML mindmap data into a page body.
- Then, all they have to do to show a "live" mindmap is add the mindmap action to a page with a link to the user's mindmap page. e.g. ""{{mindmap}}""
- Added two page handlers to demonstrate mindmapping recentchanges:
- and
- Modified the main Wikka script to not add any cruft, such as headers and footers, to 'mm' handlers.
- Fixed a security hole in the page note feature. Note input is now passed through the htmlspecialchars function.
==Bug fixes:==
- Fixed a small bug in the install script which created an admin user named ##""WikkaInstaller""##, instead of the user supplied admin name. This bug was introduced way back in version Come on people--how come you didn't catch this!?! ;)
- Modified date and time formatting of the 'recentchanges' action.
- Modified wiki link detection to allow for page names that start with multiple capital letters, e.g: ##""XPSetupGuide""##.
- Moved the "four spaces into tab" feature back to the edit page handler. Also, added the space-into-tab feature on page preview--previously the page had to be saved for it to take effect.

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