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===== Wikka 1.1.0 Release Notes =====
''Released on May 31 2004''
- This is a pretty significant update. The comment system got a major re-implementation.
- //The old way:// Comments were being stored in the 'pages' table....which made no sense.... and were being handled exactly like pages, had their own ACLs, and were parsed for page formatting.
- //The new way:// Comments are stored in their own table, do not gunk up the ACLs table, and are handled as plain text and run through htmlspecialchars() to reduce spam and security risks.
===== Wikka 1.1.2 Release Notes =====
''Released on June 03 2004''
- Re-implemented the database table structure for storing ACLs...
- And adjusted a few files accordingly.
- Please note: if you have custom set ACLs, you will need to re-set them after this upgrade.

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