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[[WikkaDocumentationFR | Documentation de Wikka]]
==== Fonctionnalités de WikkaWiki ====
>>==Voir aussi :==
~-[[WikkaReleaseNotesFR | Notes sur les mises à jour]]
~-[[ThirdPartyInfoFR | Scripts de tierces parties]]
~-[[ | Extensions fournies par des utilisateurs]]

~-Langage de programmation : [[PhpFR | PHP]].
~- Stockage: [[MySQLFR | MySQL]].
~-Système d'exploitation : indépendant de la plateforme.
~- License: [[LicenseInfoFR | GPL]].
~- Statut de développement : mûr/production.
~- **Public visé** :
~~-Utilisateurs individuels (//PIM/website backend//);
~~-Equipes de développement (//documentation de logiciel//);
~~-Companies and organizations (//intranet/public website backend//).
===[[WikkaStandards | Output]]===
~- Conforme au recommandations du W3C pour le XHTML 1.0.
~- Easily customizable layout ([[WikkaSkinsFR | CSS 2.0]]) with CSS-driven print support.
~- Global and page-level RSS feeds ([[RssInfoFR | RSS 0.92/2.0]]) with [[RSSAutoDiscovery | autodiscovery support]].
~- Easily customizable English interface.
~- [[CommentPageInfo | Footer comments]] (optional).
~- Human- and Search-engine-friendly [[SmartTitlesInfoFR | page titles]].
~-Page content can be rendered with or [[ | without]] formatting.
===[[WikkaInstallation | Installation]]===
~- 100% web-based [[WikkaInstallationFR | installer]]/[[UpgradeNotes | upgrader]].
~- 100% web-based [[UpgradingFromWakkaWiki | upgrading from WakkaWiki]].
~- Shell/root access not required;
~- Optional rewrite rules [[ModRewriteFR | support]].
===Security and antispam features===
~- [[UsingHTMLFR | SafeHTML]] function to filter potentially dangerous content.
~- Fine-grained access control through:
~~-folder-level ##.htaccess## files.
~~-global [[ACLInfoFR | ACL]].
~~-page-level [[ACLInfoFR | ACL]].
~- Advanced [[ReferrersInfoFR | referrer management]] with blacklist support.
===Page editing===
~- A fast, fully redesigned **editor toolbar** (**[[WikkaEditFR | WikkaEdit]]**) with more Wikka-specific functionality and improved cross-browser compatibility. --- {{image alt="WikkaEdit screenshot" title="WikkaEdit: a new, faster and fuly redesigned editor toolbar" url="images/features/wikkaedit.png" link="WikkaEdit"}}
~-Page preview.
~-Edit notes support.
~- Search & replace handler
~{{image alt="Search and Replace screenshot" title="Search and Replace handler" url="images/features/sr.jpg"}}
~- Doubleclick quick [[EditPageInfoFR | editing]].
~- A large selection of [[FormattingRulesFR | wiki markup]] options, with support for
~~-text styling;
~~-multiple types of lists;
~~-code blocks;
~~-threaded comments;
~- [[UsingHTMLFR | HTML can be embedded in pages]] in a safe manner.
=== [[AddingLinksFR | Links]] ===
~- Support for:
~~-automatically parsed links;
~~-forced links (with link text);
~~-plain HTML ##<a href="...">## links.
~- Several shortcuts for [[InterWikiFR | interwiki linking]].
===Media & files===
~- [[FilesActionInfoFR | File uploading/downloading]].
~- [[FlashActionInfoFR | Inline Flash support]].
~- [[AddingImagesFR | Images]] (accessibility enforced through the use of the image action).
~- Native support for [[FreeMindFR | mindmaps]].
~{{image alt="Mindmapping sample" title="Freemind map support" url="images/features/mindmapping.jpg" link="FreeMind"}}
===Advanced features===
~- A large selection of [[UsingActionsFR | plugins]] and [[ | user contributions]], including: [[CalendarActionInfoFR | calendar]], [[FeedbackActionFR | feedback form]], [[GoogleFormActionInfoFR | Google search form]] among others.
~- [[RssInfoFR | RSS feed inclusion]] and [[RSSAutoDiscovery | RSS Auto Discovery]].
~{{image alt="RSS autodiscovery screenshot" title="RSS autodiscovery support" url="images/features/rss.jpg"}}
~- [[SyntaxHighlighterFR | Advanced code highlighting]] (using GeSHi):
~~- support for several languages; --- {{image alt="multiple language support list" title="multiple language support" url="images/features/geshi.jpg"}}
~~- easily customizable output; --- {{image alt="Code highlighting sample" title="GeSHi support" url="images/features/code_highlighting.jpg" link="SyntaxHighlighter"}}
~~- line numbering;
~~- clickable markup pointers to official documentation;
~~- on-the-fly code block downloading. --- {{image alt="Grabcode button screenshot" title="Grabcode button support" url="images/features/grab.jpg"}}
~- WikiPing functionality (optional) to broadcast lists of recent changes to remote servers.
===Page-related features===
~-Page [[PageOwnershipFR]] | and fine-grained page-level [[ACLInfoFR access control]].
~- [[WikiCategoryFR | Page categories]].
~- [[CloneHandlerInfoFR | Page cloning utility]].
~- Pages can be safely [[IncludeActionFR | embedded]] in each other.
~- Advanced text searching. See TextSearchFR for examples (some of the examples will only work if MySQL 4.X is in use).
===User-related features===
~-Configurable user login and registration screens.
~-Password retrieval utilities.
~-User preferences and userpages.
~-Lists of pages owned or recently edited by specific users.
===Statistics and information===
~-[[LastEditActionInfoFR | Last edit information]].
~- Detailed [[SysInfoFR | system information]].
~- Tools for displaying statistics on pages and users. --- {{image alt="System information screenshot" title="System information" url="images/features/sysinfo.jpg"}}
~- [[HighScoresActionInfoFR | User statistics]] on edits, comments and page creation --- {{image alt="HighScores screenshot" title="HighScores action" url="images/features/highscores.png" link="HighScoresActionInfo"}}
===Revision control tools===
~- Revision management tools:
~~- [[PageHistoryInfoFR | Page history]] easily viewed at a glance.
~~- Full comparison of page revisions (between any two versions) with highlighting of differences. --- {{image alt="Diff screenshot" title="Diff handler" url="images/features/numberedrevisions.png"}}
~~- RSS feeds for [[RecentChangesFR | global changes]] and for page revisions.
~~- [[RetrieveInfoFR | Easy retrieval/reverting of previous revisions]]
~~- [[RecentChangesFR | Recently changed pages]], [[RecentlyCommented | recently commented pages]] and [[RecentComments | recent comments]].
~- [[PageIndexFR | Alphabetic page index]].
~- Tools to track [[OrphanedPagesActionInfoFR | pages without links]] and [[WantedPagesActionInfoFR | missing pages]].
===[[WikkaAdminFR | Administration tools]]===
~- Modules for [[UserAdministrationFR | user-]] and [[PageAdministrationFR | page administration]]. --- {{image alt="AdminPages screenshot" title="Page administration module" url="images/features/pageadmin.png" link="PageAdministration"}}
~- Mass user deletion --- {{image alt="Mass User Deletion screenshot" title="Mass User Deletion screen" url="images/features/massuserdeletion.png" link="UserAdministration"}}
~- Mass page reversion --- {{image alt="Mass Revert handler screenshot" title="Mass reversion handler" url="images/features/massrevert.png" link="UserAdministration"}}
~- A large number of [[ConfigurationOptionsFR | system configuration settings]].
~- [[LastUsersActionInfoFR | List of recently registered users]].
~- Admin users and advanced [[ACLInfoFR | ACL support]] for managing user privileges at individual page-level (read/write/comment).
~- Page can be [[PageDeletionInfoFR | deleted]] by admins or page owner.
~- Comments can be deleted by page owner, comment poster, or admins.
~- [[NoCommentsActionInfoFR | Comments can be toggled off on individual pages]].
~- Optional ##gzip## page compression.

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