Wiki On A Stick

By "Stick" we mean the type portable disk drives known as USB stick, USB keys, thumbdrives, keydrives and the likes. The installation and running of a wiki will also apply for other types of removable media.

In order to install WikkaWiki you need a web server (like Apache), MySQL and PHP | avaliable on the stick. This is made quite easy with the availability of packages containing these programs, known as WAMP when made for Windows systems and LAMP when made for Linux systems. Similar packages exists for most systems.

Be sure to pick a portable version of the package, so that it has all the configuration it needs written to the USB stick.


Installing WikkaWiki on portable media is as easy as installing a portable version of a WAMP/LAMP package, and then following the normal installation instructions from that point out.


To ensure that data isn't corrupted or lost, remember to always stop the servers and safely unmount using Unplug/Eject icon in the system tray before removing the removable media.

Take backup regularly, especially if you are putting lots of work into content and/or customization.

If you lose your USB key, the wiki contents are available to anyone finding it. Think twice before putting any sensitive information on it, or at least consider encrypting the drive with an encryption program. This will most likely require you to mount the encrypted drive and providing your credentials before being able to run the server programs.

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