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What's new in Wikka 1.3.6 ?

Released on 24Dec2014



Latest stable release (released 24Dec2014):

what's new? :: release notes :: verifying files

globe User-contributed localized packages
plugin User-contributed plugins

Installation notes

Installation can be completed using either the upgrade method or by installing a fresh package.

Browse the source

You can browse the source code of Wikka 1.3.6 from the Github repository.


Please report any bug, issue or feature suggestion for 1.3.6 in the issues tracker.


Mike Shultz, Julian DeMarchi, unor, Dave, otwr

Security fixes

Issue:1169 SESSION array not cleared out when logging out

New/improved functionality

Issue:795 Port html handler from 1.1.7-docs to 1.3
Issue:1077 Breadcrumbs/traceback feature
Issue:1127 Page name display enhancement
Issue:1167 Auto-extract headers in TOC
Issue:1173 Support for post-processing actiions

Bugs/other issues

Issue:1088 Remove obsolete/deprecated actions/handlers
Issue:1158 Output formatting is lost after upgrading from 1.2->1.3.5
Issue:1161 Exact searches broken
Issue:1162 Expanded text search doesn't correctly highlight exact matches (using quotes)
Issue:1165 wikkaedit.js Code Button
Issue:1174 Catch-all ticket for 1.3.6 release

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