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===== What's new in Wikka 1.3.6 ? =====
''Released on 24Dec2014''

<<==See also==
~-**[[Installing136 | Installation & upgrade notes for 1.3.6]]**
~-[[Changelog | All release changelogs]]

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This release has been tested with MySQL 5.5 and PHP 5.4. Please note that if you are using a version of PHP < 5.4, breadcrumbs must be disabled (""<tt>'enable_breadrumbs' => '0'</tt>"" in ""<tt>wikka.config.php</tt>"").

Additional details in SystemRequirements.

This version introduces two new features requested by users:

~- **Breadcrumbs** Now keep track of your wiki browsing history with a breadcrumb trail. It's specific for each user, even anonymous users.
<<{{image url="images/breadcrumbs.png" alt="breadcrumbs" title="breadcrumbs" class="center" width="650" height="108"}}<<::c::
~- **[[TOCActionInfo | Table of contents generator]]** You can now have generated for you a table of contents that lists all or selected headings on the page, each one linked directly to the page location. This is very useful for long pages with lots of headings that subdivide the content.
<<{{image url="images/toc.png" alt="toc action" title="toc action" class="center" width="889" height="338"}}<<::c::

===Installation notes===
Installation can be completed using either the [[Installing136 | upgrade]] method or by [[WikkaInstallation | installing a fresh package]].

===Browse the source===
You can browse the source code of [[ | Wikka 1.3.6]] from the Github repository.

Please report any bug, issue or feature suggestion for 1.3.6 in the [[ | issues tracker]].

""Mike Shultz, Julian DeMarchi, unor, Dave, otwr""

===Security fixes===

href="">Issue:1169</a>   &nbspSESSION array not cleared out when logging out""

===New/improved functionality===

href="">Issue:795</a>   &nbspPort html handler from 1.1.7-docs to 1.3""
href="">Issue:1077</a>   &nbspBreadcrumbs/traceback feature""
href="">Issue:1127</a>   &nbspPage name display enhancement""
href="">Issue:1167</a>   &nbspAuto-extract headers in TOC""
href="">Issue:1173</a>   &nbspSupport for post-processing actions""

===Bugs/other issues===

href="">Issue:1088</a>   &nbspRemove obsolete/deprecated actions/handlers""
href="">Issue:1158</a>   &nbspOutput formatting is lost after upgrading from 1.2->1.3.5""
href="">Issue:1161</a>   &nbspExact searches broken""
href="">Issue:1162</a>   &nbspExpanded text search doesn't correctly highlight exact matches (using quotes)""
href="">Issue:1165</a>   &nbspwikkaedit.js Code Button""
href="">Issue:1174</a>   &nbspCatch-all ticket for 1.3.6 release""

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