What's new in Wikka 1.3.5 ?

Released on 02Jan2014



Latest stable release (released 02Jan2014):

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globe User-contributed localized packages
plugin User-contributed plugins


Mostly bug fixes, with one new enhancement:

Also, MySQL has officially removed support for the TYPE= setting as of 5.1.7. This means that previous versions of WikkaWiki will fail to install on MySQL versions >= 5.1.7 without changing TYPE= instances to ENGINE=. This version is compatible with MySQL versions >= 5.1.7 up through 5.5 (which is what I test with).

Installation notes

Installation can be completed using either the upgrade method or by installing a fresh package.

Browse the source

You can browse the source code of Wikka 1.3.5 from the Github repository.


Please report any bug, issue or feature suggestion for 1.3.5 in the issues tracker.


DotMG, skrap, Secunia, u.o., fguillier, ogreface, GeorgePetsagourakis, mdaems

Security fixes


New/improved functionality

Issue:968    Menus

Bugs/other issues

Issue:1053    Wikka menulets
Issue:1060    "Notice: Undefined variable: link" (Wakka.class.php, line 2360)
Issue:1102    Page reversion possible via CSRF
Issue:1109    Can't view DB admin page due to CSRFToken error
Issue:1124    No link from page history to original page
Issue:1141    UTF-8 charset should be served by Wikka
Issue:1142    {{category}} action options not working
Issue:1145    Remove 'page' directory from /plugins/handlers
Issue:1146    Install fails with MySQL 5.5 at "Create page table?"
Issue:1149    Issues related to svn to git migration
Issue:1151    wikka.config.php is not being populated correctly
Issue:1153    Release 1.3.5 catch-all ticket

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