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====The UserSettings Page ====

On this page you can change some settings, logout and change your password.

===The settings===
If you are [[RegisterInfo | logged-in]] to a Wikka, you can view and change your user settings by clicking on the Link //Change settings/logout // at the top of every page.
There you can find the following settings:
- //Your email address//: shows your registration email address. To change it, simply replace it with a new one.
- //Doubleclick Editing:// if this option is selected, you will be able to [[EditPageInfo | edit pages]] with a simple double click on the text.
- //Show comments by default:// if this options is selected, [[CommentPageInfo | page comments]] are displayed by default.
- //RecentChanges display limit:// the number of pages which are displayed at RecentChanges.
-//Page revisions list limit:// the number of [[PageHistoryInfo | old versions]] which are displayed in a page history.

To store your changes, simply click on the #%Update Settings#% button. A messagebox //User settings stored// will confirm that your settings have been updated.

===How to Logout===
You can [[RegisterInfo | log out]] by clicking on the #%Logout#% button.

===How to change your password===
To change your Wikka password, simply
- type your old password in the field labelled //Your current password://
- type your new password in the field labelled //Your new password://
- click on the #%change#% button to submit your new password.

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