Titletag Action Documentation

This is the documentation page for the titletag action.

Note: You will need to remove any existing <title>...</title> tags in
your header.php files (located under the templates/ directory).
Otherwise, you will have multiple <title> tags in your HTML output, which
is not in compliance with the HTML recommendations.


This feature is available since:
WikkaWiki 1.3.7

Short description
Renders an HTML title tag in the page output header.

{{titletag string="My page title with important keywords"}}

stringstringmandatory-value of the string enclosed by the title tag

Long description
With the {{titletag}} action you can generate a custom HTML title tag that will appear in the page output header. Please note that you will have to remove any instances of <title>...</title> tags in your header.php files, as multiple <title> tags are not permissible under the HTML recommendations. Also, there is no protection against invoking {{titletag}} more than once. Position of the title tag within the head of the document is not guaranteed or predictable (but shouldn't matter).

{{titletag string="My Title"}}

produces the following output:

... <title>MyTitle</title>

Release Notes
since 1.3.7


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