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This feature is available since:

Starting with the release, Wikka features a number of actions displaying system information and statistics, most of which are conveniently grouped in a default page called SysInfo.

Displays the total number of comments on the wiki: 161

Displays the total number of pages on the wiki (as a link to PageIndex): 416

Displays the total number of pages owned by the current user - if logged in (as a link to MyPages): MyPages

Displays the total number of registered users on the wiki: 36


Displays information on the structure of the database and table used by Wikka (admin only)


Displays the version of the GeSHi bundled with Wikka: n/a

Displays the current MySQL version: n/a

Displays the current PHP version: n/a


Display information about the system Wikka is running on: n/a

Displays version information and a link to the Wikka changelog on this server.


Displays the current Wikka configuration settings (admin only)

Displays the name of the wiki: Wikka Documentation

Displays the WikkaWiki patch level running the wiki
since 1.2

Displays the WikkaWiki version running the wiki: n/a

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