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Revert to revision immediately preceding current version of page.
This handler reverts the current version of a page to the version immediately preceding the current version. The previous version is re-created as the new version for auditing purposes. An optional GET parameter, "comment", is permitted:
~-Related links
~-Must be added here>>
This page is a **template**. It belongs to CategoryTemplate (which contains more handy templates). To create a **handler documentation** page, [[ | clone this page]] to a page called **xxxxxHandlerInfo** (where ##xxxxx## is the (capitalized) name of the handler), replace all occurrences of ##xxxxx## with the name of the handler and replace this paragraph with the actual content.
Remember to change the category link at the bottom of this page to ##""CategoryDocumentation""## when the new page is ready to be published.

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=====Revert Handler Documentation=====
This is the documentation page for the ##revert## handler.
{{since version="" align="left"}}
=====xxxxx Handler Documentation=====
This is the documentation page for the ##xxxxx## handler.
{{since version="1.1.7" align="left"}}

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