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=====Page Administration=====
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[[WikkaReleaseNotes1164 | WikkaWiki]] introduces a new system page, **""AdminPages""**, accessible by [[WikiAdmin | system administrators]] to facilitate various page management tasks. This code has been extensively beta-tested in previous versions, and has been enhanced for to include mass reversion of page contents to previous versions.


~-displays a pageable, sortable and searchable **list of pages** including:
~~- [[PageOwnership | owner]]
~~- last author
~~- last revision time (and edit note as a title, if available)
~-displays detailed and clickable **page statistics**:
~~-number of hits ''(forthcoming)''
~~-number of edits
~~-number of comments
~~-number of [[BacklinksActionInfo | backlinks]]
~~-number of [[ReferrersInfo | referrers]]
~-displays links to different **handlers** to perform page operations:
~~-[[EditPageInfo | edit]]
~~-[[PageDeletionInfo | delete]]
~~-[[CloneHandlerInfo | clone]]
~~-change [[ACLInfo | acl]]
~-trims long pagenames and hostnames
~-adds [[ACLInfo | claim]] links for pages with no owner
~-adds support for **mass operations**:
~~- mass reversion
~~- mass deletion ''(forthcoming)''
~~- mass ACL change ''(forthcoming)''

===Mass Reversion===

In the event of a malicious attack that creates or edits multiple pages, the page administration module allows administrators to revert either single page or multiple pages to the previous version.

====Future Enhancements====

- Pages are reverted only to version immediately preceding the page to be reverted. It would be useful to revert back to either a specific page version or a date.

The current Page Administration module is a work in progress. While operational, several features remain to be implemented. Suggestions for improvement are always welcome.

==Sample output==
{{image alt="adminpages screenshot" title="Sample output for adminpages action" url="images/adminpages.png"}}

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