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Check Version Action Documentation

This is the documentation page for the checkversion action.
This feature is available since:

Please note that if you use this action, or leave this option enabled during installation, your wiki will periodically contact a WikkaWiki server for update information. As a result, your IP address and/or domain name may be recorded in our referrer logs.


Short description
Compares version of current WikkaWiki installation with the latest version and displays notice if current installation is older.

{{checkversion [display="<val>"]}}

displaystringoptionalupgrade"upgrade": Normal operation (display only if later version is available); "debug": Display debug messages; "raw": Display return value from wikkawiki.org

Long description
This action will be executed only for logged-in users with admin access. Expects to find http://wikkawiki.org/downloads/latest_wikka_version.txt; if not found, or if connection times out, should exit gracefully with no output. Can be disabled by setting config param 'enable_version_check' to '0' in wikka.config.php.

since 1.2
New feature permits version checks on user-defined time intervals. See ConfigurationOptions for details.

By default, this action is included in the default HomePage, SysInfo, AdminPages, and AdminUsers pages.

checkversion action screenshot

BrianKoontz, DarTar

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