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Wikka Documentation

xxxxx Action Documentation

Included in Wikka since version X.X.X.X

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Development: xxxxxAction.
This is the documentation page for the xxxxx action.

This page is a template. It belongs to CategoryTemplate (which contains more handy templates). To create an action documentation page, clone this page to a page called xxxxxActionInfo (where xxxxx is the (capitalized) name of the action), replace all occurrences of 'xxxxx' with the name of the action and replace this paragraph with the actual content.

Note: Please remove the "Wikka Documentation" link at the top, the CategoryDocumentation at the bottom and the "included in Wikka" note unless and until the action is part of the official Wikka distribution!


Short description
Describe your action in one sentence.

param1stringoptionalyour_defaultThis is one of the params, your action uses. If yuopr action uses no params, remove this table

Long description
Place for a longer description.

{{action_name [optional_param="xxx"]}}

you can put in an example here.

The name(s) of the person(s) who wrote this action.

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