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This is the documentation page for the xxxxx action.
This feature is available since:
WikkaWiki 1.3.7

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This page is a template. It belongs to CategoryTemplate (which contains more handy documentation templates). To create an action documentation page, clone this page to a page called xxxxxActionInfo (where xxxxx is the (capitalized) name of the action), replace all occurrences of xxxxx with the name of the action and replace this paragraph with the actual content.

When the new page is ready to be published, remember to change the category link at the bottom of this page to Category<Lang>, replacing <Lang> with the appropriate two-letter language code (such as CategoryEN, CategoryDE, etc.).


Short description
Describe your action in one sentence.

{{action_name [optional_param="xxx"]}}

param1intmandatoryvalueThis is one of the params, your action uses. Add as many rows as action parameters.
param2stringoptionalvalueIf your action uses no params, please remove this table

Long description
You can add a longer description here.

You can put one or more examples here.

The name(s) of the person(s) who wrote this action.

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