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=====What is ""WikkaWiki""? =====

>>===More about Wikka===
~-[[WikkaFeatures | Wikka features]]
~-[[WhatsNew | what's new]] in the latest release
~-see [[WikkaInAction | wikka in action]] {{image url="images/action/qt.gif" link="WikkaInAction" alt="quicktime icon" title="Wikka clips"}}
~-take a [[WikkaGuidedTours | visual tour]]
~-read Wikka users' [[ | opinion]]
>>**WikkaWiki** is a [[LightweightInfo | lightweight]] [[WikiEngine | wiki engine]] written in PHP, which uses MySQL to store pages.

~-Forked from [[WakkaWiki | Wakka Wiki]]
~-[[WikkaStandards | Standards compliant]] - Wikka is based on the latest W3C standards, RFCs as well as some others.
~-Designed for [[SpeedInfo | speed]], [[ExtensibleInfo | extensibility]], and security.
~-Easily [[FlexibleWikka | adaptable]] to a number of different uses.
~-Chosen by [[ | hundreds]] of users, projects and organizations to power their websites.
~-Released under the [[LicenseInfo | GPL]] license.

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