Wikka Changelog

Wikka 1.3.1 Release Notes

Released: 31Mar2011

Michael Nagy, Manuel Reimer, JeD, WazoO, Vincent Fretin, Hans Eric, WillyPs, Krzysztof Trybowski, minusf, Bernd Scholler, Alessandro Ronchi, BES, Craig Wong, hiRainChen, DomBonj, Mokoshi, Masin al Dujali, Olivier Borowski, shiny.nickel, BZG, Frederic Klein, EriS, raffa, Vokin Loksar, toringe, apxrms, grbg, tnt, George Petsagourakis, Andy Heath, Alin Elena, nacho.foche, Buglet, EmeraldIsland, fireglow, saimon69.

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Security fixes
Ticket:215 Display SQL debug to admins only
Ticket:364 JS vulnerability in simple table
Ticket:560 Remove wikka version from footer
Ticket:887 Deletion of files in {{files}} action possible via CSRF

New/improved functionality
Ticket:6 Page layout overhaul
Ticket:13 Improved formatter
Ticket:18 Page redirection
Ticket:19 getCount() - a single method for counting records
Ticket:20 makeId() - Generate unique id attributes for HTML elements
Ticket:35 CSS-driven link tails
Ticket:38 error reporting
Ticket:49 {{wantedpages}} action: alphabetical sorting needed
Ticket:97 New installer: improved interface, better system requirements check
Ticket:187 Merge SetPersistentCookie() and SetSessionCookie() into SetCookie()
Ticket:189 Optionally clone ACLs during page cloning
Ticket:191 Making CamelCase optional
Ticket:201 Add default CSS styling for data tables
Ticket:208 Add license action
Ticket:209 WikkaEdit Buttons for H4, H5, H6 elements
Ticket:221 FormatUser() method
Ticket:222 GeSHi upgrade
Ticket:226 Multiple ACL entries in config file
Ticket:227 Don't include "HomePage ::" in navigation links by default.
Ticket:239 Warnings in {{color}}
Ticket:247 Add support for news protocol links
Ticket:249 Make RSS autodiscovery configurable
Ticket:250 New RSS handler
Ticket:261 Add SVN keywords to code
Ticket:272 Store button at top of page
Ticket:279 Allow HTTP page caching.
Ticket:320 Geshi update for
Ticket:344 Table Formatting
Ticket:376 improve error reporting and sql debugging
Ticket:377 rewrite of {{mychanges}}
Ticket:380 CSS changes for 1.3
Ticket:382 Handle Range: and Accept-Range: HTTP headers for files.xml.php
Ticket:387 Semantic and stylistic improvements for {{usersettings}}
Ticket:389 Change ?linking_to=... in WantedPages to .../backlinks
Ticket:407 Add empty mysql_password, meta_keywords and meta_description to libs/Config.class.php
Ticket:428 Geshi update for
Ticket:436 Geshi update for
Ticket:447 Move actions to dedicated subfolders
Ticket:452 Move handlers to dedicated folders
Ticket:472 Customizable {{feedback}} action (email)
Ticket:490 Improved Formatter - Nesting Float
Ticket:491 Improved Formatter : More logical way to use wakka2callback('closetags')
Ticket:494 Improved Formatter : Ids in embedded code
Ticket:497 Improved Formatter : Keeping track of recursion level
Ticket:498 Improved Formatter : Heading Ids
Ticket:591 Project name normalization (+ footer tagline and SEO-related musings)
Ticket:626 Enhanced page administration module
Ticket:715 GeSHi upgrade to
Ticket:722 Port of Page Administration module
Ticket:729 New parameter for {{pageindex}} -- showJustLetters
Ticket:776 Merge LoadWantedPages() and LoadWantedPages2()
Ticket:781 Better code layout for default header template
Ticket:803 Support for multiple language files
Ticket:830 New markup for eliding content in Wikka editor
Ticket:853 Small improvements to image action
Ticket:910 Refactor directories used to store user content
Ticket:959 Porting language constants trunk->1.3
Ticket:1004 Added {{referrerslink}} menulet
Ticket:1006 Disabling hostname lookup by default
Ticket:1011 Back up files in config directory

Bug fixes
Ticket:46 Files handler bug with filenames containing a space
Ticket:48 Backlinks action bug: listing of obsolete pages
Ticket:49 Wantedpages action: alphabetical sorting needed
Ticket:50 MyChanges won't sort by timestamp
Ticket:75 History is not accessible if the page is to big
Ticket:78 Logout link doesn't work correctly
Ticket:81 Retrieving user-information (Session Leakage)
Ticket:83 Safari and WIkkaEdit
Ticket:89 Files Action - Windows Paths Issue
Ticket:92 Can't log in/out in Windows IIS
Ticket:97 New installer: improved interface, better system requirements check
Ticket:141 Incorrect base_url creates wrong page URL
Ticket:152 It is possible that the "Content-Length" value is returned too small
Ticket:162 Minor defects in emailpassword
Ticket:165 {{emailpassword}} action not working
Ticket:168 Setting of ACLs not possible (mysql-error)
Ticket:174 Configuration of mod_rewrite in the installer
Ticket:184 Download of files does not work
Ticket:196 Local links not beeing marked as external
Ticket:200 Cleaning up interwiki.conf
Ticket:207 Comment link should check ACL
Ticket:265 Showing comments and Getting the current user
Ticket:268 Make JS doubleclick editing ACL-sensitive
Ticket:271 Remove footers links to the same page.
Ticket:296 CHANGES.TXT update
Ticket:302 Wrong number of items displayed in TextSearch after ACL check
Ticket:311 Text edit window too small
Ticket:312 Kill all those useless $_REQUEST
Ticket:315 Optimize and fix FullCategorySearchText()
Ticket:324 Update the FormattingRules page
Ticket:325 fix i18n comments and the call to UserWantsComments() in show.php
Ticket:326 replace onLoad by onload and remove the unneeded $user variable in header.php
Ticket:331 Modifications of the {{googleform}} action
Ticket:332 revisions.xml.php
Ticket:334 List Autoindent does not work
Ticket:337 Do not add title attribute to a element if empty
Ticket:339 UserIsOwner() returns nothing instead of FALSE
Ticket:348 Code grabber problems
Ticket:357 IsAdmin() returns nothing instead of false
Ticket:358 Optimize page caching ($pageCache doesn't work well)
Ticket:360 Can't store pages with localized interface
Ticket:365 Page owners should be allowed to delete pages they own
Ticket:371 Actions {{whatever}} should be able to expand beyond end of line
Ticket:384 Check if page exists before displaying /showcode link
Ticket:386 Navigation problem for revisions & history handlers
Ticket:393 LoadSingle() should return a false value, if the query has no result
Ticket:398 Avoid use of LoadAllPages() and remove this method
Ticket:402 Unable to log out
Ticket:409 SmartTitle() uses out-of-context headings
Ticket:410 '&' character in page breaks XHTML validation
Ticket:414 feedback action breaks the XHTML validation
Ticket:416 Named color breaks CSS validation
Ticket:418 Threaded comments
Ticket:424 Strange behaviour when some lines start with a tab
Ticket:438 Trailing / missing in BaseURL
Ticket:444 List at end of page breaks validation
Ticket:450 incorrect ininitialization in textsearchexpanded
Ticket:458 [subticket] : New installer problems
Ticket:460 [Ticket:97 subticket] - Use Unix file format for default pages
Ticket:470 GetEnv is not a good idea (take 2)
Ticket:480 Files uploaded with the files action are listed in the wrong order
Ticket:482 Some issues in comments in 1.1.7
Ticket:483 comments.xml doesn't consider acl_comment
Ticket:487 Small issues with {{wantedpages}}
Ticket:495 Incorrect display of error message in case of missing action
Ticket:500 PageTitle() does not trim spaces
Ticket:501 Normalize the way wikka creates and attaches static files
Ticket:502 MindMap has some issues.
Ticket:509 Keep form data when going back in the installer
Ticket:512 Disable diff for pages with no revision history
Ticket:513 Empty edit note in history for default pages created by WikkaInstaller
Ticket:522 No redirect after cloning page
Ticket:528 Remove <br /> just after textarea in edit.php
Ticket:530 Remove WakkaWiki from interwiki list
Ticket:538 Comments posting
Ticket:563 Broken search form
Ticket:592 Bug in path handling for Wikka cookies
Ticket:624 Install: updating default pages on upgrade does not work
Ticket:636 Remove obsolete links from docs
Ticket:638 Password reminder email not correctly rendered
Ticket:642 [COORD] Auto login wiki admin after a fresh install
Ticket:645 TextSearchExpanded returning 0 result breaks XHTML validation
Ticket:649 Wrong WIKKA_BASE_DOMAIN_URL while using a server_port
Ticket:652 The output of {{mychanges}} should be consistent from
Ticket:665 Incorrect rendering of nested lists
Ticket:674 GetCookie() method missing - backwards compatibility with 1.1.6.x broken
Ticket:692 {{files}} action doesn't filter for .htaccess/.htpasswd
Ticket:695 Validate message passed to SetRedirectMessage()
Ticket:696 files.xml handler should disallow access to files with name beginning with a dot
Ticket:713 Wikka Edit: erratic help button operation.
Ticket:727 wrong use of quotation marks in mypages.php
Ticket:732 English text was not removed (history handler)
Ticket:739 sessionid column too small for use with sha1
Ticket:766 Various warnings with {{files}} action
Ticket:771 ACL handler should not store empty ACL
Ticket:772 Debug not working when zlib_compression is on
Ticket:777 Checkversion should be disabled for unstable builds
Ticket:780 Make Monday available as first day of the week in calendar.php
Ticket:792 IncludeBuffered() not returning error status
Ticket:797 Error when try to load AdminPages
Ticket:798 Parse error in Wakka.class.php
Ticket:810 Filter on username can't work for registered users
Ticket:821 FullTextSearch() incorrectly does full-phrase search.
Ticket:826 Enforcing max. length of edit note
Ticket:841 Config file header should link to the docs
Ticket:843 Read/write ACLs for individual wiki users are broken
Ticket:850 Page generation time formatted incorrectly
Ticket:851 Backlinks handler displays page tags for non-readable pages
Ticket:852 Page names not accessible to current user should not be displayed
Ticket:864 Less restrictions for (possible) user names
Ticket:885 Clicking "re-edit" button on historical page views brings up current version
Ticket:886 Embedded URLs not rendered properly
Ticket:944 Installer doesn't detect and or set base_url in wikka.config.php as needed
Ticket:950 Referrer field in referrers table too short
Ticket:951 function MakeMenu() adds empty <li></li>
Ticket:969 Clone handler broken
Ticket:980 FullTextSearch() should check $phrase
Ticket:985 Font rendering ugly in Windows — light.css
Ticket:987 admin.lib.php linked wrongly
Ticket:988 Fix function set_magic_quotes_runtime() is deprecated for PHP 5.3.+
Ticket:989 Remove redundant isset checks when using Wakka::GetSafeVar()
Ticket:991 Bug in {{mychanges}} action — print instead of $output .=
Ticket:993 Wakka::getAnonUserName() is not used anywhere
Ticket:997 Raw handler should send correct HTTP headers
Ticket:998 Unknown handler breaks the layout
Ticket:1010 Size of referrers field exceeds maximum allowed in MySQL
Ticket:1012 ACLS handler uses HTML id parameter wrongly
Ticket:1018 URLs with embedded hyphens/underscores parse incorrectly
Ticket:1040 DejaVu Sans font kerning problems — font should be replaced
Ticket:1041 Remove paragraph symbol from CSS
Ticket:1042 On reload installer forgets theme and language selected
Ticket:1043 After updating from 1.2 to 1.3, can't change password
Ticket:1045 Remove comment_acl field

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