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[[WikkaReleaseNotes | Wikka Changelog]]
===== [[WhatsNew1165 | Wikka]] Release Notes =====
''Released on June 24, 2008''

>>===This is an archive page===
For the **{{color c="red" text="latest release"}}** news please refer to [[WhatsNew | this page]].

==See also:==
~-**[[WhatsNew1165 | What's new in]]**
Thanks to ajmh, Vincent Fretin, ""VokinLoksar"", ""BugMeNot"" for feedback, bug reports and patches.

==Bug fixes==
~-Fixed wrong display of links in WantedPages with MySQL 5 (credits: Vincent Fretin). Ticket: 309.
~-Changed ##""{{include}}""## action to display more user-friendly message based on target page ACL. Ticket: 710
~-Added utilities and compatibility methods. Ticket: 721.
~-Version check was not working correctly with the Alternative PHP Cache installed (credits: ""VokinLoksar""). Ticket: 740
~-(PHP 5 compatibility) Fixed issue when instantiating ##Wakka## object (credits: ""VokinLoksar""). Ticket: 741
~-(PHP 5 compatibility) Fixed issue preventing the creation of tables when no prefix is specified (credits: ""VokinLoksar""). Ticket: 742
~-Referrers in were not correctly logged. Ticket: 746
~-Minor cleanup of ##""{{adminusers}}""## action. Ticket: 753
~-Preventing comments on non-existing pages. Ticket: 747
~-Correcting path handling in cookies. Ticket: 748, 767, 768
~-Simplified installer: removing GeSHi configuration. Ticket: 751
~-Fixing broken revision links from revision feed. Ticket: 759
~-Fixing broken help link in WikkaEdit. Ticket: 760
~-Replacing invalid character in default suffix for cookie. Ticket: 761
~-XHTML validation in user registration module. Ticket: 763 (credits: ""BugMeNot"")
~-Fixed incorrect description of markup for headings in FormattingRules. Ticket: 758
~-Corrected typo in HighScores action. Ticket: 720

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