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>>===This is an archive page===
For the **{{color c="red" text="latest release"}}** news please refer to [[WhatsNew | this page]].
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===== Wikka Release Notes =====
''Released on September 27 2004''
==Feature addition:==
- PageIndex action modified to show an alphabetical header that allows quick browsing of pages that start with a certain letter. See Wikka:Mod041fPageIndexByLetter for more info.
- Small edit to Wikka:Mod040fSmartPageTitles. Page titles will now be made from headers that are 3 or above. Previously it was 2 or above. This is to prevent the equality operator in code from being seen as a title.
- Added a GPL header at the top of the main Wikka file, and included a copy of the GPL in the docs directory.
===== Wikka Release Notes =====
''The phantom release''
=== Wikka ===
There are many pages on Wikka Wiki that mention version There never was a release. As the release was prepared, the features and bugfixes added up to a small, but substantial release--more than a subsubminor number change would indicate. All features that are mentioned as being added to version were released in version [[WikkaReleaseNotes1160 |]].

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