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===== Wikka Release Notes =====
''Released on September 02 2004 - "The FreeMind release"''
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==See also:==
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==FreeMind-related additions:==
- Added inline mindmap detection to the wakka formatter.
- Added the 'freemind' directory, which contains the Freemind browser applet and FreeMind documentation map.
- Added the 'mindmap' action. (see next item item for an example)
- Added two new page handlers which return raw page text: 'raw' and ''
- The handler is to allow for users to directly enter their own mindmaps into a page in conjunction with the mindmap action.
- First: Enter raw XML mindmap data into a page body.
- Then, all they have to do to show a "live" mindmap is add the mindmap action to a page with a link to the user's mindmap page. e.g. ""{{mindmap}}""
- Added two page handlers to demonstrate mindmapping recentchanges:
- and
- Modified the main Wikka script to not add any cruft, such as headers and footers, to 'mm' handlers.

- Fixed a security hole in the page note feature. Note input is now passed through the htmlspecialchars function.

==Bug fixes:==
- Fixed a small bug in the install script which created an admin user named ##""WikkaInstaller""##, instead of the user supplied admin name. This bug was introduced way back in version Come on people--how come you didn't catch this!?! ;)

- Modified date and time formatting of the 'recentchanges' action.
- Modified wiki link detection to allow for page names that start with multiple capital letters, e.g: ##""XPSetupGuide""##.
- Moved the "four spaces into tab" feature back to the edit page handler. Also, added the space-into-tab feature on page preview--previously the page had to be saved for it to take effect.

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