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===== Wikka 1.1.3.X Release Notes =====
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''Released on August 11 2004 - "The Farewell WakkaWiki release"''
- Thoroughly updated the upgrade script to handle upgrading from WakkaWiki to Wikka.

''Released on August 08 2004''
- Fixed a XSS security bug in the Googleform action.
- RSS action fixes and mods:
- Fixed a XSS security bug in the RSS action.
- Removed the user choice of whether to cache or not...
- All RSS requests will cache with a default time of 30 minutes.
- Added the ability to specify a cache time higher or lower than the default, as low as 5 minutes.
- Fixed XSS security bug in the Table action.
- Modified the default CSS slightly for additions and deletions.
- Small mod to diff handler to show highlighting key when doing an extended diff.
- Small mod to diff handler to not choke on links due to diff highlighting symbols introduced in version
- Fixed small note handling bug in the History handler.
- Updated WikiEdit to version 2.13.

''Released on August 05 2004''
- Fixed a small--yet significant--bug with the way new installs were set to create an index for the pages table.

===Wikka ===
''Released on August 04 2004''
- Fixed 'Cannot redeclare class' error message for RSS action when viewed through the history handler.
- Tweaked the CSS for the edit preview header. It stays fixed in Firefox and looks pretty cool. Looks plain in IE.
- Revisited the Action function once again to fix security bug. Thanks to DreckFehler for assistance.

=== Wikka ===
''Released on August 03 2004''
- Fixed a security bug introduced in the Action function in version Thanks to an anonymous user for exploiting it in the sandbox and bringing it to my attention.
- Minor changes.

=== Wikka ===
''Released on August 02 2004''
- Fixed a small bug in the Link function which prevented inserting links with a &. Thanks to [[Wikka:AndreaRossato | AndreaRossato]].

=== Wikka ===
''Released on August 02 2004''
- Implemented the WikiPing protocol. It's non-active by default. Specify a server in wikka.config.php to activate. See WikiPing for more details. Thanks to DreckFehler.
- Fixed bug in diff highlighting of code sections. Thanks to DreckFehler.
- Modified feedback action to make the email validator case insensitive. Thanks to DarTar.

=== Wikka ===
''Released on August 01 2004''
- Minor changes over

=== Wikka ===
''Released on August 01 2004''
- New referrer blacklist system added. Look for the blacklist link while viewing referrers.
- htaccess file modified to handle missing / on the end of URL
- Feedback action added. Thanks to DarTar.
- Modified footer to only show the referrers link to logged on users.
- Pages can now be set to Public. This is useful for not cluttering up the PageIndex with many Owner: X.
- Googleform action added. Thanks to DreckFehler.
- Allow for unnamed parameters to actions. Thanks to DreckFehler.
- Fixed forced links in square brackets. Thanks to DreckFehler.
- Removed the "show spaces" in wikinames option.
- Replaced all calls to ##""UserName()""## with ##""GetUserName()""##, and removed the ##""UserName()""## function.
- Modified how PageIndex shows your owned pages.
- Added RSS action. Unattributed credit because of WakkaWiki being down and original author not written down.
- ACLs are now only stored if they differ from the default ACLs.
- Comments are now stored in htmlspecialchar format, instead of being coverted every time the page is shown.
- Page deletion queries are now made through ##Query()##, instead of ##""LoadSingle()""##, which caused unseen errors.
- Overly long tags are now prevented from being stored. Thanks to DreckFehler.
- and a few other minor changes.

=== Wikka 1.1.3 ===
''Released on June 03 2004''
- Modified Wikka to only store page ACLs in the database if a user has specifically set them.
- The old way was to store the default ACLs when a page was created... This would lock in the default ACLs for a certain date, but what if you changed the default ACLs at a later date? The page would still be locked in at the old defaults instead of the way it should work: pages should stay defaulted until someone makes the effort to specifically set the ACLs.

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