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===== Wikka 1.0.X Release Notes =====
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=== Wikka 1.0.6 ===
''Released on May 30 2004''
- Minor changes:
- Fixed a bug in the way the admin_users list is parsed, to handle spaces.
- Modified ACL handling to allow for !+, which specifies anonymous users.
- Why? Well..... you might want to specify that only anonymous users can comment on your page.
- Updated the syntax examples on the ACL editing page.

=== Wikka 1.0.5 ===
''Released on May 29 2004''
- Minor changes:
- Added a new function to the main wakka.php file: function ""ReturnSafeHTML""($html)
- This is to make it easier to run code through safehtml from various files and actions.
- Fixed a tiny bug in the Form Open function to close the hidden input tag if mod_rewrite was not in use.
- Added "double_doublequote_html" to the wakka.config.php file.
- This is to allow for specifying how to handle html between double doublequotes:
- Values can be: "safe" [default], "raw", or "disabled".
- Modified the wakka formatter to reflect the double_doublequote handling described above.
- Modified the image action to call the new ""ReturnSafeHTML"" function.
- Updated ""SafeHTML"" to version 1.1.0.
- Added a "newpage" action. You can see it in action at CreateNewPage.
- Minor changes to the wikka.css file.

=== Wikka 1.0.4 ===
''Released on May 23 2004''
- Edited a few files to achieve valid XHTML and valid CSS.

=== Wikka 1.0.3 ===
''Released on May 23 2004''
- Revisited the sql code submitted by DotMG that determines RecentlyCommented.
- Discovered that I should have used it as submitted. :)

=== Wikka 1.0.2 ===
''Released on May 23 2004''
- Fixed an issue with searching that occured if an older version of ""MySQL"" was being used.
- Fixed an issue with the upgrade script.
- Added error checking to the installer. Credit to WackoWiki.
- Click on the following link if you'd like to browse the exact code changes:

=== Wikka 1.0.1 ===
''Released on May 17 2004 - "The DotMG release"''
- The 1.0.1 release is all code contributions from DotMG:
- The following actions were modified to better detect comment pages: mychanges.php, mypages.php, pageindex.php.
- The "wakka" formatter was modified to close tags that were left opened.
- The "show" page handler was modified to not display the edit button if a page no longer exists.
- Click on the following link if you'd like to browse the exact code changes:

=== Wikka 1.0.0 ===
''Released on May 16 2004. The initial release after months of tweaking by JsnX.''

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