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=====Installing Wikka Wiki on Mac OS X=====

>>**See also:**
~-[[WikkaInstallation | Wikka installation instructions]]
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Installing WikkaWiki to run on your Mac takes only a few minutes. All the installation is done through a web-based wizard and you should not need to open the terminal a single time. Once the installation is complete, you will have a full Wikka system running on your machine and ready to play with.

**Table of contents**
""<ol><li><a href="http:docs.//">System Requirements</a></li>
<li><a href="">Get the package</a></li>
<li><a href="">Run the installation wizard</a></li>
<li><a href="">Start playing</a></li>
<li><a href="">Forthcoming</a></li>

====1. System Requirements====

This tutorial assumes your machine is configured to allow installing [[PHP]]/MySQL | applications:

~-**Mac OS X** - this tutorial was tested on a 10.3.9 version but should work on any version of OS X, starting from 10.3.0.
~-**Apache** - the Apache webserver is installed by default on Mac OS X.
~-**[[PHP]]** - the PHP extension is installed by default on your Mac starting from 10.3 (the latest package can be downloaded at [[ |]]).
~-**MySQL** - is not installed by default. The package and install instructions are available at [[ |]].

Note that in order to install WikkaWiki, you will be required to fill in your DB parameters (server, DB name, DB user, password).

====2. Get the package====

Download the [[WhatsNew | latest]] package from the Wikka website.

{{image class="border" src="images/wikka_osx/wikka_macosx0.jpg" alt="Wikka Installation Screenshot" title="Get the package"}}

Double-click on the downloaded package to unzip it

{{image class="border" src="images/wikka_osx/wikka_macosx0b.jpg" alt="Wikka Installation Screenshot" title="Unzip the package"}}

Copy the Wikka folder to a directory accessible from your localhost, for instance in the Sites folder of your user account:

{{image class="border" src="images/wikka_osx/wikka_macosx1.jpg" alt="Wikka Installation Screenshot" title="Move the Wikka folder to a directory accessible to your local server"}}

====3. Run the installation wizard====

First, open the Sharing panel from your System Preferences and make sure that **Personal Web Sharing** is **on** (this enables your apache server to serve content from your local Sites folder):

{{image class="border" src="images/wikka_osx/wikka_macosx1b.jpg" alt="Wikka Installation Screenshot" title="Make sure that Web Sharing is enabled"}}

Open your browser and point it to the localhost folder where you have copied the Wikka files, in our example: ##""http://localhost/~username/Wikka""##: the Wikka Installation Wizard will appear.

As a first step, you will need to enter your DB settings. You can choose a table prefix for your Wikka installation, in our example: ##mywiki_##

{{image class="border" src="images/wikka_osx/wikka_macosx2.jpg" alt="Wikka Installation Screenshot" title="Set your DB parameters"}}

Unless you want to modify the default settings for the [[SyntaxHighlighter | syntax highlighter]] you can skip the **""GeSHi Configuration""** section and go directly to the **Wikka Site Configuration** section and add the name of your site and the starting page.

{{image class="border" src="images/wikka_osx/wikka_macosx3.jpg" alt="Wikka Installation Screenshot" title="Fill in some general information"}}

Add the required information in the **Administrative account configuration**. You can skip the **Wikka URL configuration** section ([[ModRewrite | more information]]) and click on "Continue".

{{image class="border" src="images/wikka_osx/wikka_macosx4.jpg" alt="Wikka Installation Screenshot" title="Add an Admin login"}}

The wizard will try to //connect to your database// and create the Wikka tables: if you correctly filled in all the required DB parameters you should see the following screen. Click on "Continue" to continue the installation.

{{image class="border" src="images/wikka_osx/wikka_macosx5.jpg" alt="Wikka Installation Screenshot" title="The DB installation was successful!"}}

As a last step, the wizard will try to //write the system configuration// to a file called ##wikka.config.php## ([[ConfigurationOptions | more information]]). If your Wikka folder is write-accessible to your server, you should see the following screen.

{{image class="border" src="images/wikka_osx/wikka_macosx6.jpg" alt="Wikka Installation Screenshot" title="The writing of the configuration was successful!"}}

If you get a write error alert, this means that the wizard is not able to save the configuration file. Two solutions are possible:
~1) make the Wikka folder write-accessible following the instructions given on the screen and retry
~1) simply copy the code in the gray block, paste it in a text editor and save it as wikka.config.php in the Wikka folder.

{{image class="border" src="images/wikka_osx/wikka_macosx6_failed.jpg" alt="Wikka Installation Screenshot" title="The writing of the configuration failed"}}

=====4. Start playing =====

If you arrived at this point, your WikkaWiki should be up and running. The default homepage will look like the following:

{{image class="border" src="images/wikka_osx/wikka_macosx7.jpg" alt="Wikka Installation Screenshot" title="The default Wikka homepage"}}

To start editing it, just double-click anywhere on the page: the edit screen will open to let you modify the content of the page.

{{image class="border" src="images/wikka_osx/wikka_macosx8.jpg" alt="Wikka Installation Screenshot" title="Edit the content of a wiki page"}}

Click on "Store" to save your modifications and you will be redirected to the modified page.

{{image class="border" src="images/wikka_osx/wikka_macosx9.jpg" alt="Wikka Installation Screenshot" title="Save and display the modified page"}}

**That's all folks...**

//...enjoy your Wikka!//

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